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21 How much do you like food?

9/10 I eat it too much. But I'm still short and skinny. - AlphaQ

I am going to get fat soon if I eat to much I already weigh a lot, 98 pounds. - Lucretia

5/10. I mainly eat because I have to. - Element119

Food is da best - Lunala

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22 Oranges or Tangerines

Tangerines, love oranges too.

What's the ' difference. - FennikenFan9

Grapefruits. - Lucretia

Neither. - AutisticFangirl13

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23 Nachos or Enchiladas?

I've never had an enchilada so nachos! -Blue fang

The two best Mexican foods! But I choose nachos. - IronSabbathPriest

Enchiladas without meat - Lucretia

Nachos - Trollsfan536

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24 Tacos or Hamburgers?

Tacos, hamburgers are nasty and so is beef. - Lucretia

Both are awful to me. - Element119

Tacos - Trollsfan536


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25 Chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies?

Chocolate Chip, love chocolate chip. I love sugar cookies too but they're something special about chocolate chip, just made sugar cookies in school today though.

Chocolate chip cookies! My favorite flavor - Ananya

Chocolate chip cookies - Cartoonfan202

M&M cookies are good, my favorite, but I choose chocolate chip - Lucretia

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26 Would You Rather Be Allergic to Peanuts or Eggs?

Peanuts, I hate peanuts anyways, - Lucretia

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