Top 10 Questions About Frozen That Disney Didn't Answer


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1 Why Elsa wasn't saved from forced isolation?

Stupid Disney should've let other more classical Snow Queens raise Elsa in canon

Elsa should've been raised by other Snow Queens in canon.

Why wasn't Elsa saved from forced isolation?

Stupid Grand Pabbie should've eliminated all of Elsa's true memories of Elsa accidentally Anna's head as well in canon back when Elsa was eight, whereas, Anna was just five back then.

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2 Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?

Ugh, lazy creators of Frozen

Wish we've known. Lazy Disney

I know they say she was born with powers, but people aren't just born with stuff like that. It's not like a birth defect or something, she is born with SNOW POWERS! I hope they explain this in Frozen 2.

Maybe Elsa's great great great great great grandmother is the snow queen and she was cursed with the powers.

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3 What Happened to Kristoff's Parents?

Even if they didn't go very deep into the whole "Elsa was born with powers thing", at least they gave some eplination. With Kristoff it's just "yeah he was raised by trolls. Yeah he never tried to go back to his parents. Yeah his family (if he has one) never went looking for him. SO WHAT!?!?

4 Hans Tells Everyone the Princess Is Dead and Nobody Goes to Check On the Body?

Maybe since Hans was kind of nice in the beginning and pretended to love anna that everyone kind of new that he was telling the truth and didn't have to check. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, it all sounded better in my head.

5 Did Olaf Ever Get a Warm Hug?


6 Why Is Kristoff the Only Character Who Doesn't Have a 4 Letter Name?
7 Why Doesn't Elsa Tell Anna What Happened?
8 What Did Elsa Do In Her Room for So Long?

Lazy Disney

Also, how did she never leave her room? She had to go to the bathroom and eat. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 After Their Parents Died, Who Kept the Gates Closed?

Lazy Disney

10 Why Anna wasn't allowed outside either?

Anna would've been better off being raised by/growing up together with modern day non royals in canon.

Anna should've been correctly raised by anybody who's unfit to be a royal prince or princess in canon.

Would've been better off if Anna grew up in the wartime in canon.

Lazy Disney

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11 Who Took Care of Things Between Their Parents Dying and Elsa’s Coronation?

The castle steward. Obviously.

I know. What happened?

12 Why Didn't Elsa's Parents Get Her Counseling?

Elsa should've been raised by other Snow Queens in the ice palace in canon.

Maybe because if they did then the councilor would freak out about Elsa having powers. Also he/she would probably tell everyone they know that the kid who they are helping has ice powers.

13 What were Hans' brothers' names?
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