Top 10 Questions About Grojband to Ask Users of TheTopTens

This list is ONLY for GrojBand fans. Haters aren't allowed.

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1 Favourite characters?

Kin. - regularponyfan09

None of them - 445956

Corey Jaron Riffin. No doubt. - ChatNoirFan18

Mines Corey Riffen! :D - ChampionColette

2 Least favourite characters?

Trina. Cause she is so mean to Corey and his friends. - ChampionColette

Trina. Without a doubt. - regularponyfan09

Um, not sure about this... - ChatNoirFan18

All of them - 445956

3 Favourite shippings?

Corney (Corey X Laney). Close enough. - ChatNoirFan18

4 Favorite GrojBand songs?

I have many. "My Mind", "No, I Won't Play", "Knock It Off", "I'm Back", "Go Away", "Perfect", "You're Going Down", and "That's My Jam". - ChatNoirFan18

That's a tough one. I like a lot of their songs, but I forgot their names. - ChampionColette

For me it would have to be "Stuck on the Island". - regularponyfan09

5 Least Favorite GrojBand songs?

I'll get back to you on that one. - regularponyfan09

I don't know. - ChatNoirFan18

6 Favorite Diary Modes?

Anger. It looks awesome. - ChampionColette

Angry, Love, Sadness, and Fear. - ChatNoirFan18

7 GrojBand or The Newmans?

Grojband. - regularponyfan09

Both of them. - ChatNoirFan18

8 Characters that you would befriend with?

All of Grojband - regularponyfan09

Corey, Laney, Kin, and Carrie. - ChatNoirFan18

9 Favorite Episodes?

"Helmet" and "Six Strings Of Evil". - ChatNoirFan18

Myme Disease - regularponyfan09

10 Least Favorite Episodes?

"Dueling Buttons". - ChatNoirFan18

The Snarffles with Sniffles. That poor puppy! - regularponyfan09

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