Top Ten Questions About Homosexuality

This are the top most asked questions about gay. I only submitted.

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1 Is being gay normal

yes it is


Yes - GalaticStarArtist12

no its bad

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2 Is homophobia okay

No. Not acceptable. Everyone is equal. - Pegasister12

Is racism okay?
Is sexism okay?
Is irrational fear and hatred okay?

No. - PetSounds

Its natunarl Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

People who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle are often labeled as homophobic (like myself) when they are not afraid of the gays themselves. In fact, they can even have friends who are gay (also like myself). Just because you disagree with something doesn't mean you are scared if it. - RiverClanRocks

3 Do gay people have long lasting relationships

I am not homosexual, but I will assume it is like "normal"/stright relationships - floridiancat

Yes. Gays have long term relationships.. I am in a relationship that is 6 yrs old. Gay and straights have the same problems in finding the right one... - shanew

4 How does one know they are gay

I slept with 23 women before I was with a man. The women were fine for the sex part but when I started meeting men, it just kind of fell into place. - shanew

If they like the same gender? That's really all there is to it. - keycha1n

The answer to this is that the signs that someone you know is gay are physical and social. A gay man may walk like a woman, and vice versa. A gay man may have wider ribs and thinner hips, and other features similar to a woman, because homosexuality is a feature that people are born with based on the features of the opposite sex, which includes libido. Another sign is that a gay man may talk about other men they meet more intently, and a lesbian may do the same for another woman; by saying how warm and charming their personality is, regardless of whether the person they are describing is gay. - PositronWildhawk

5 How do gays have sex

I will assume this is just a really stupid question. - shanew

Anal and oral

6 Can you have a gay best friend

Yes. I don't personally have a gay best friend, but I've heard of people who do. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they can't be your friend. You could have many things in common with them and be friends with them, it doesn't matter if they are straight or not. - Minecraftcrazy530

7 Who are notable gay personalities
8 Why can't gays be straight

Why can't straights be gay? It's just the way life works out - shanew

9 Is being gay a choice?

No, I am a lesbian and it is NOT a choice. I didn't just ask to be born gay.

It could be, most likely not. But if it is, it's not one that can be changed. - keycha1n

Yes. Or your born with it._. - floridiancat

I AM A GAY MAN. NO it is not a choice... While some may fight it throughout their lives, it is something that we have little say about. My brother is one year older than me. He was in prison for 4 yrs for all kinds of crap. I became openly gay after high school and I have never looked back at it as a bad thing.. - shanew

10 Do gays enjoy sex

They won't in hell when they are burning to a crisp.

ARE U KIDDING... Its 2 men having sex.. Its fun, hot, WILD and you can put more strength into the sex without worrying that she will nag or whine about it.. Its men...we don't tend to whine as much.. - shanew

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11 Is homosexuality okay according to my faith

Definitely the question I find myself asking both to myself and God the most. - keycha1n

12 How do I come out of the closet

Just tell someone you know well and trust, who is likely to understand you, and they'll find the right way to help spread it, if necessary. There's no shame in being gay, or admitting it to the people you respect. - PositronWildhawk

Very carefully. It will depend on how far out of the closet you want to come.. You need to know what your parents think about being gay. It will help if you have a good idea of which of your friends will stick with you and which will turn away.
I made sure that I had graduated high school as well.. Once I came out, it was fine.. Lost a couple friends (no biggie) MADE LOTS MORE FRIENDS - shanew

13 Why is it always embraced?
14 What is the "big gay?"
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