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1 The Number of the Beast or Powerslave?

Songs or albums? Songs: Powerslave any day. The Number of the Beast has a great intro though. - Metal_Treasure

Powerslave is my favorite while number of the beast is number 2. - SteelCity99

The Number of the Beast - zxm

For the song, Powerslave.
For the album, The Number of the Beast.

2 Hallowed Be Thy Name or Fear of the Dark?

Hallowed Be Thy Name, but neither of these were anywhere near the best.

Hallowed Be Thy Name but Fear of the Dark is great, too. - Metal_Treasure

Both of them have great guitar riffs. but I'd choose fear of the dark. - zxm

3 Best Iron Maiden Song?

Although Hallowed Be Thy Name is good, I'm going to have to go with To Tame a Land for this one. Like Hallowed Be Thy Name, it has great riffs, and some pretty good solos. However, this song is more complex in terms of changes of keys, tempos, and time signatures, and stuff like that. It also comes from the album Piece of Mind, which seems to have the best sound in any Iron Maiden album, and I like the part in the middle similar to that of Rime of the Ancient Mariner's.

Hallowed Be Thy Name. It demonstrates great composition skills - it shows how a long song without a chorus can be amazing all the way. And Bruce vocals with sustains of about 13 seconds. And the riff, and everything. What's not to like here? - Metal_Treasure

Fear of the Dark for me - zxm

4 Paul Di'Anno, Bruce Dickinson, or Blaze Bayley?

While Bruce Dickinson is a great singer, I would say that Paul Di'Anno sings better, and I guess he was the better singer.

This is very easy - Bruce. His vocal technique is the best. - Metal_Treasure

Bruce - zxm

5 Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, or Janick Gers?

Probably Dave Murray.

Adrian Smith - zxm

6 Best Iron Maiden Album?

The Number of the Beast - zxm

The Number of the Beast.

Powerslave - SteelCity99

7 Best Iron Maiden Guitar Riff?

Hallowed be thy name's riff is very famous, and its very good. however fear of the dark second guitar riff (main guitar riff) is also awesome - zxm

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8 Best Iron Maiden Guitar Solo?
9 Most Epic Iron Maiden Song?

I'm going to go with Empire of the Clouds for this one, but Paschendale is a close second.

I think it'll be Hallowed Be Thy Name - zxm

10 Where Eagles Dare or The Duelists?

The Duelists for this one, although Where Eagles Dare is good, I like the chorus in The Duelists better. The Duelists is also my second favorite song from Powerslave, with Powerslave being the best.

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11 Dance of Death vs Paschendale?


12 Iron Maiden or Killers?
13 Best Iron Maiden Bassline?

For me it's Powerslave. - Metal_Treasure

14 Aces High or The Number of the Beast?

I say Aces High, it's just incredible. - Metal_Treasure

The number of the beast because of the intro and solos - SteelCity99

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