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The tale of Jack the ripper has spawned hundreds of theories and millions of suspects. Most people know about the ‘5 canonical victims’ with the possibility of even more murdered women. Everybody has their money on their own suspect -some of which include royals, authors and freemasons. Lots of people have their own opinion and their own personal view to the ailing mystery that has kept police officers and the general public baffled for years. So here are ten more alternate theories on the ripper case that will have your head scratching for weeks.

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1 Did the Ripper act alone?

Israel Schwartz was a Hungarian immigrant and described in newspaper reports as of Jewish appearance. On the 30th September at 12:45am Schwartz was walking towards Berner Street (later Henriques street) crime scene of Elizabeth Stride the rippers supposed third victim. Schwartz states he saw a man speaking to a woman and then throw her to the floor to which she then screamed 3 times. He then saw a second man standing on the opposite side of the street stood in a doorway and smoking a pipe. The man who threw the woman down called out the name ‘Lipski’. Scared, Schwartz took off but finding that the second man was following him he ran towards the nearby rail way arch and lost him. Schwartz would later report this to the police and confirm at the mortuary that it was Elizabeth Stride that he had seen with the first man however he could not confirm whether or not the two men were together or separate. Nonetheless one significant thing is the use of the word ‘Lipski’. As mentioned ...more - Kird86

Heil Filip

2 Did a policeman commit the murders?

Jack was more likely a surgeon or had medical expertise due to his skillful stabbings... - DieGedankenSindFrei

Police constable James Harvey was 33 years old and possibly the closest any police officer had come to catching the killer. At approximately 1:40am PC Harvey was walking towards Mitre Square, the scene of the crime in which Catherine Eddowes was brutally murdered. He claimed he heard nor saw anything however on his return he came across night watchman George Morris who was blowing his whistle and crying that a woman had been ‘ripped up in Mitre square’. It was later found that Eddowes was sighted sometime before at about 1:35am therefore if this is correct then Harvey would have been within a whisper of the killer maybe even capturing him in the act. Interestingly Harvey was never questioned further and was suddenly dismissed in 1889 a year after the killings took place. The dismissal was listed as unknown and the reasons were never brought to light despite efforts into finding out why. - Kird86

3 What was Jack the Ripper's real name? V 2 Comments
4 Do the police know who Jack the Ripper is? V 3 Comments
5 George Hutchinson more than just a hospitable witness? V 1 Comment
6 Did Jack use the newly built underground tunnels to escape? V 1 Comment
7 Jack The Ripper really had mental sexual problems?
8 Did Mary Jane Kelly really die that night?

Mary Jane Kelly is considered by many to be the fifth and final victim. She was so badly disfigured that it was said the Ripper had finally reached the end of his madness and had unleashed a frenzied attack before disappearing into the night forever. However, due to the overwhelming abuse of her injuries authorities had very much difficulty identifying her partly because her face had been sliced and her ears cut off. Kelly had been living at 13 Millers court an offbeat slum on the notorious Dorset Street once named the most dangerous street in London. It was here where the murder had taken place and here where the authorities had come to the conclusion that the mangled body laying before them was indeed Kelly. However one Caroline Maxwell states she saw Kelly on the morning after the murder had supposedly taken place looking a little worse for wear. Apparently Kelly was hungover and was throwing up in the gutter on the corner of Dorset Street. Mrs Maxwell asked for her wellbeing and ...more - Kird86

9 Who was Francis Tumblety? V 1 Comment
10 How was Jack the Ripper's identity unknown?
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