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1 Metallica or Megadeth?

Metallica is more pure thrash metal. - gemcloben

Both are equally good, but I've listened to more Metallica than Megadeth, so I'm going with Metallica - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I enjoy both and both have good and bad songs, but I'll go with Megadeth. I like Mustaine's riffs more. - LostDream258

Slayer! Not a choice? Megadeth. - Lucretia

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2 Bruce Dickinson or Rob Halford?

That's a difficult one. They both have a vocal range of 4 octaves, and they are both awesome. But my vote goes to Bruce Dickinson, because he got me into metal. - Kiyomi

Don't think I can choose here, both have awesome vocal techniques. - LostDream258

Bruce Dickinson, he has an amazing voice. - 05yusuf09

Bruce. I don't like Rob's highness, and its hard to understand - Lucretia

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3 Slayer or Kreator?

Slayer, Umm Ya! My preference - Ananya

Kreator is very heavy, but slayer, I mean... Tom could out-sing the whole band. - gemcloben

Sometimes I think Kreator is underrated. They could be on the big four instead of Anthrax

I prefer Slayer definitely. - Lucretia

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4 Phil Anselmo or Randy Blythe?

I love pantera a lot more than LOG, but I think randy has a heavier and more powerful voice. - gemcloben

Phil Anselmo, because he's the bets thrash metal vocalist and I hate Lamb Of God - Lucretia

I'm not really a Lamb of God fan. So Phil. - IronSabbathPriest

Both are great bands. I do like Pantera better, but Anselmo can't compre to Blythe's voice, it's just the perfect rock voice for the band - Shake_n_Bake13

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5 Dave Mustaine or James Hetfield?

The best vocals? Definitely James. Dave's voice sounds dirty and unsuitable for metal, and sometimes he barely sings, while James' voice is perfectly suitable for Thrash Metal. - Kiyomi

Dave Mustaine's voice sounds immature and overall repulsive, but he is a better guitarist. I don't know. - Songsta41

James's voice is perfect for metal. - Songsta41

Guitar or vocals? Either way James Hetfield because he's less overrated - Lucretia

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6 Possessed or Testament?

Although possessed are my favourite death metal band, they can't compare to the most powerful thrash metal band ever. - gemcloben

7 Dio or Ozzy?

Dio. I don't listen a lot to Black Sabbath and Dio, but I did listen to a few songs from Black Sabbath's Dio era. And I prefer Dio. He's much better than Ozzy, and his voice is also much more influential than Ozzy. - Kiyomi

In Black Sabbath, Ozzy was the perfect singer. Overall, though, Dio is the better musician - Shake_n_Bake13

I prefer Dio on overall musical scale, but Ozzy's cool too. - LostDream258

Dio, because Ozzy was not that good and Ronnie is a better erson - Lucretia

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8 Venom or Motorhead?

I like both A LOT. I cannot decide. - IronSabbathPriest

Depends what mood I am in. If I'm in a relaxed mood, Motörhead. If I'm in an excited mood, venom. - gemcloben

Venom. I prefer them because they are more heavy and influetial really - Lucretia

Motorhead - Du

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9 Iron Maiden or Iced Earth?

Iron Maiden, but Iced Earth are a great band also. - IronSabbathPriest

Iron Maiden, Iced Earth are a good band as well, but Iron Maiden has great songs. - Mumbizz01

I'm going with Iron Maiden for this one. - 906389

LOL. Of course iron maiden. - LordofL

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10 Tool or Dream Theater?

Tool! They are the most original band of the last 30 years! - ryanrimmel

Tool, they are much more interesting to listen to. - Lucretia

Dream Theater. I find Tool a tad overrated. - IronSabbathPriest

Drea Theater - SoldierOfFortune

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11 Paul Di'anno or Blaze Bailey?

This is a tricky question. I think both singers are good. Paul Di'Anno's voice is good and raw, but the sound quality of the first two albums cover the 'goodness' of his voice. The albums with Blaze Bailey have a good sound quality, and that way, you can hear Blaze's voice better. However, my vote goes to Paul Di'Anno. Blaze Bailey's voice just doesn't fit with the tuning of the guitars and the overall instrumentals of Traditional maiden, especially on Virtual XI. The band managed to adjust the instrumentals to Blaze's voice on The X Factor, but it made the band sound pretty different. Paul Di'Anno's voice fits very well with Traditional maiden, so my vote goes to Paul. - Kiyomi

Paul is a great vocalist whose voice fits the genre while Blaze's doesn't (he has a great voice but it's not a metal voice). The Paul Di'anno era is more consistent than Blaze Bayley's. I think the Blaze era was the low point of Iron Maiden, even though they have never written a bad song and a bunch of great songs come from Blaze's era, if that makes any sense. - Songsta41

This one is easy. Paul had an inability to make a bad maiden song. - gemcloben

Paul Di'anno for sure - SoldierOfFortune

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12 Cliff Burton or Steve Harris?

Cliff Burton was a better bassist, but Steve Harris is better in every other way including song writing, mixing, and editing, personality, and the fact that he made Iron Maiden. He is the magnet of Iron Maiden, he brought them all together and was the consistent centerpiece of the band as long as they have been around. - Songsta41

Both are/were great and some of my biggest influences. But I'm going to give this one to Steve, for multiple reasons including song writing, forming Iron Maiden in the first place, etc. - LostDream258

Steve - SoldierOfFortune

Steve Harris - Kiyomi

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13 Death Metal or Black Metal?

Death metal. I'm kinda picky about black metal, a lot of the Norwegian stuff sounds the same to me - ryanrimmel

Death Metal but I like some Black Metal like Carach Angren and Mayhem - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Death Metal - I prefer growls to shrieks. Besides, Black Metal is very misanthropic and I don't like this excessive negative energy. But there are some cool black metal songs and instrumentals. - Metal_Treasure

Both, mainly black - Lucretia

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14 Who Created Metal?

Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. - IronSabbathPriest

There is no sole creator of Metal. It is just a feat to strong for man! But the two biggest influences, both equally in my opinion are Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. I like Black Sabbath more because of the heavier sound though. If they invented subgenres, Deep Purple invented Speed Metal, Black Sabbath invented Doom Metal. - SoldierOfFortune

The idea of Metal was panned, hard when it was introduced. With Lester Bangs quoting Black Sabbath "Just like Cream!, but worse" If you're looking for the answer, Black Sabbath obviously created Metal, with Deep Purple coming in second. - Mumbizz01

A lot of people, did it toegteher - Lucretia

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15 Mike Portnoy or Mike Mangini?

Always Mike Portnoy is better drummer. - 05yusuf09

Mike Portnoy is a god - ryanrimmel

haha - Mike Mangini was a full-time Associate Professor at the same percussion department, where Mike Portnoy was a student (Berklee College of Music, Boston).
Mike Mangini resigned in 2010 to join Dream Theater.

But Mike Portnoy is absolutely excellent, too. - Metal_Treasure

Mike Magini because Annihilator - Lucretia

16 Power Metal or Progressive Metal?

None of them is my first subgenre choice but maybe power metal - it's faster, it has the best choruses in metal, and most of the greatest singers are there (Dio, Michael Kiske, Hansi Kursch, Tobias Sammet, Eric Adams, Ralf Scheepers, etc).

Prog metal - it's complex and technical, which is good, but prog metal can be quite boring (haha, thrash is never boring).

How about Progressive Power Metal? It's awesome - combines the best of the two subgenres.
PS. I answered power metal but to be honest, I love wholeheartedly only Blind Guardian (out of the power metal bands). It's because Blind Guardian's power metal is different and it's actually prog power metal for the most part. - Metal_Treasure

Neither really, progressive I guess. Never really liked power - Lucretia

Progressive by far.

Power! - EliHbk

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17 Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

Iron Maiden. Without a doubt. I have to agree, Judas Priest is a bit more influential than Iron Maiden, and they were earlier. Iron Maiden released their first metal songs in 1979 on 'The Soundhouse Tapes', while Judas Priest already released metal songs before 1979. Still, my vote goes to Iron maiden, because they have better guitar melodies and vocals in my opinion. - Kiyomi

Both bands are good but I go with Judas Priest - Neonco31

Iron Maiden - Du

Maiden - Lucretia

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18 Blind Guardian or Iced Earth?

I like both. But Blind Guardian wins for me. They've never put out a bad album, whilst Iced Earth had that episode with something wicked parts 1 & 2. - IronSabbathPriest

Blind Guardian without a doubt. I love both of them though - ryanrimmel

Blind Guardian - Du

Blind Guardian - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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19 Vinnie Paul or Dave Lombardo?

Since Dimebag is the only very good member of Pantera, Dave Lombardo, plus Slayer is better then Pantera. - Lucretia

Dave Lombardo is the king of double bass. Every metal drummer wants to sound like dave - ryanrimmel

Dave OWNS double bass! - gemcloben

Dave Lombardo - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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20 Mike Portnoy or Dave Lombardo?

Really no contest here... Go Mike. - IronSabbathPriest

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