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1 Who Is The Masked Man? (SPOILER ALERT)
2 How Does Jamming Trumpets And Saxophones Up Your Nose Extend Fassad's Life Span?

Up HIS nose, mind you. - xandermartin98

3 Why Does Fassad Decide To Just Abuse A Monkey For No Apparent Reason?
4 Does Porky Die In The Absolutely Safe Capsule?
5 Can The King Statue Attack Other People Besides Lucas And Company?
6 Just How Much Does Porky Love Omelets?
7 Why Is Mother 3's Storyline So Heavily Based Off Of Star Wars?
8 Where Did The Masked Man Get The Electric Lightsaber He Uses?
9 Why Are Both The Magypsies And The Barrier Trio So Utterly Disturbing?
10 Is Flint Secretly Chuck Norris?

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11 Why Does The Masked Man Have A Scouter Attached To His Helmet?
12 Why Does Fassad Have So Much In Common With Wario?
13 Why Does Lucas See Eerie Smiles When He Hallucinates On Tanetane Island?
14 Why Does The Putrid Cesspool Water On Tanetane Island Heal You During The Hallucination Sequence?
15 How Do The Characters Take Their Clothes On And Off Instantly When Entering And Exiting Hot Springs?
16 What Happens After The Black Screen Of Death?
17 Why Is Flint Such A Stereotypical Cowboy?
18 Are Flint And Hinawa Secretly Ness And Paula?
19 Why Does Lucas Start Out So Pathetically Weak And Cowardly?
20 Why Do Yam Monsters Exist?
21 Why Does "Mr. Batty Twist" Sound So Much Like The Adam West Batman Theme?
22 Why Is "Porky's Porkies" A Remix Of "Mr. Batty Twist"?
23 Why Does Porky Have So Many Robot Clones Of Both Himself And His Mother?
24 Doesn't The Masked Man's Lightsaber Turn Blue During The Final Battle?
25 Why Can't The Game Finally See An Official English Release?
26 Why Hasn't Everyone In The Dur-T Cafe Evacuated The Place Already?
27 How Does Fassad Manage To Come Back From The Dead TWICE Through Simple Reconstruction Of His Body?
28 Why Is Fassad Such An Insufferable Douche?
29 Does Duster Secretly Have A True Crush On Kumatora?
30 Why Is PK Ground So Insanely Overpowered?
31 Why Can't You Skip Any Of The Cutscenes?
32 What's So Special About A "Slightly Unclean And Not Very Tasty" Cookie?
33 What's The Point Of Even Attacking With A Character As Weak As Salsa?
34 What's The True Meaning Of Flint's Attack Instrument? To Show How Manly He Is, Or To Express His Inner Sorrow? Or Both?
35 Why Is Flint's Power Smash So Ungodly Inaccurate?

I mean, honestly, he can't even hit the Natural Killer Cyborg with this move. - xandermartin98

36 Where Does Duster Keep All Of His Thief Tools?
37 In The Sewer Level In New Pork City, Do You Actually Bathe In Sewer Water?
38 Why Is The Theme For The Last Hot Spring So Creepy?
39 Why Is The Strawberry Slime So Gross?
40 What Exactly Are Those Door Monsters Supposed To Be?
41 What Exactly Is Negative Man Supposed To Be?
42 Why Does The Soot Dumpling Appear As An Enemy?
43 Is The Masked Man Truly, Literally Heartless?
44 Why Does The Masked Man Look So Intimidatingly Badass And Awesomely Cool?

Because... He just does. - xandermartin98

45 Is It Possible To Actually Feel Bad For Porky In This Game?
46 Why Is Porky So Egotistical In This Game?
47 Why Does Milk Spoil So Quickly In This Game?
48 Is It Just Me Or Are You Gorgeous?
49 How Exactly Do People Even Bear Living In New Pork City?
50 Just How Big Is The Natural Killer Cyborg?
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1. Who Is The Masked Man? (SPOILER ALERT)
2. How Does Jamming Trumpets And Saxophones Up Your Nose Extend Fassad's Life Span?
3. Why Does Fassad Decide To Just Abuse A Monkey For No Apparent Reason?



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