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21 Forrest Gump or Schindler's List

Schindler's List, but these aren't the same type of movies - MatrixGuy

All I know is that Forrest Gump was genius - simpsondude

V 2 Comments
22 Tangled or Frozen?

Tangled all the way, I don't like Frozen.

Frozen. Fight me. - 445956



V 1 Comment
23 Spider-Man 2 or Batman Begins?

Tough But I Go With Spider-Man 2 - VideoGamefan5

Spider-Man 2 - BeatlesFan1964

24 Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music V 3 Comments
25 Big Hero 6 or Frozen?

The obvious choice is the former. - Therandom

V 3 Comments
26 Psycho or The Silence of the Lambs V 1 Comment
27 Big Hero 6 or Wreck-It Ralph?

Hero 6

Big Hero 6 - PeeledBanana

28 The Angry Birds Movie or Minions?

None of them. They both sucks.

Minions - PeeledBanana

29 Ghost Rider or the Amazing Spider Man

The Amazing Spider-Man. - Tia-Harribel

30 What are Some of Your Least Favorite Movies?

Worst movies ever are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Son of the Mask, Pearl Harbor, and Norbit.

If you mean in a while then (don't confuse this as a movie), Suicide squad, Norm of the north, fant4stic, etc - VideoGamefan5

31 Gordy or Babe V 2 Comments
32 Charlotte's Web (1973) or Charlotte's Web (2006)

The original is better. - nintendofan126

33 The Odd Life of Timothy Green or Martian Child
34 The Great Mouse Detective or An American Tail
35 Happy Feet or March of the Penguins V 2 Comments
36 Friday the 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street V 2 Comments
37 Alien or The Thing V 2 Comments
38 Friday the 13th or Halloween
39 Wreck-It Ralph or Frozen? V 3 Comments
40 Frozen or Toy Story? V 2 Comments
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