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1 Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson

Both overrated in my opinion, but I'd choose Michael Jackson. - Mesel

Michael Jackson. - Luckys

Michael Jackson - iliekpiez

PAUL McCARTNEY by a gazillion glory miles!

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2 Eminem or Tupac Shakur

Tupac. Maybe it's just because I hate 2000's Rap, while 90's Rap's still okay... - Mesel

Eminem - Luckys

Tupac - iliekpiez

Eminem of course!

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3 Guns N' Roses or Nirvana

As much as I like Guns N' Roses, I have to go with Nirvana. - Mesel

Nirvana. - Luckys

Guns N' Roses. They have more good songs in my opinion. - Userguy44

That's a hard question. They are both incredible bands for sure. I have to go with Nirvana.

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4 Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd. I love their music. - Userguy44

Pink Floyd. Many Led Zeppelin songs are rip offs. I used to like Led Zeppelin but when I learned that my favorite songs were rip offs, things changed (Whole Lotta Love, Dazed And Confused, In My Time of Dying, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, I Can't Quit You, Baby, and many more are uncredited covers). Even Stairway to Heaven has a ripped off section. - Metal_Treasure

Led Zeppelin wins my vote, because their songs have so many great riffs and solos. Pink Floyd is legendary though. - MontyPython

Pink Floyd I've always loved. Led Zeppelin are awesome, but Pink Floyd are magnificent. - IronSabbathPriest

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5 Elvis Presley or the Beatles

Easy, since I have absolutely no connection to the Beatles. Definitely Elvis. - Mesel

Ladies and gentlemen... THE Beatles! - MontyPython

Definitely Elvis. He was one of the Beatles' influences.

This is actually a tough one. - cosmo

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6 The Rolling Stones or AC/DC

The Rolling Stones might be more important for music history, but like The Beatles they just kinda mean nothing to me. While AC/DC is probably the most important band in my life. - Mesel

Its hard for me to choose, I'll probably go with The Rolling Stones but still, I'm not quiet sure.

The Rolling Stones are good, but AC/DC is amazing. So they get my vote - Shake_n_Bake13

The Rolling Stones wins my vote. AC/DC are amazing though. - MontyPython

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7 Adele or Amy Winehouse

That's hard, but I think I'm gonna choose the classic and go with Amy - simpsondude

I really like them both but I like Amy more.

Both of them are Great but I like Amy better - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Can I say neither? - Brobusky

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8 Eminem or Jay-Z

Eminem - Luckys

By far Eminem, he's a much better songwriter than Jay-Z. Jay-Z used to be awesome but after his third album he lost his touch a bit.

Eminem by far. - Brobusky

Eminem obviously - DCfnaf

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9 Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley, definitely. Michael Jackson's abnormally overrated. - Mesel

Michael Jackson! - TheFourthWorld

Michael. However I like Elvis.

It would be interesting if the King of Rock and the King of Pop went head to head. - Bronson

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10 Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley

Chuck Berry, but it's hard to choose. - Brobusky

Chuck. - BeatlesFan1964

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11 Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson

Ozzy may be the Prince of Darkness, but that makes Marilyn Manson the King of Darkness. Manson all the way on this one - Shake_n_Bake13

Marilyn is too awful for me, Ozzy is awesome. - DCfnaf

They both suck, but I'll go with Ozzy.

Um..I have to go with Ozzy.

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12 Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, or Slayer?

4. Anthrax
3. Slayer
2. Metallica
1. Megadeth - BeatlesFan1964

1. Metallica
2. Megadeth
3. Anthrax
4. Slayer (I love all 4 I'm not dissing any of them) - Brobusky

13 Beyoncé or Rihanna?

Rihanna has a better voice.

14 Queen or The Who?


Queen, but I respect the Who too. Two legends in rock music. - Userguy44

Queen of course. - bzsuzsi0128

Queen, easily.

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15 Marilyn Manson or Justin Bieber

I don't like both. He would be better then Bieber though. - Userguy44

I don't even like Marilyn Manson but I'd listen to him over Bieber any day of the week. - Brobusky

Is this really a question? Manson, obviously - Shake_n_Bake13

This is the most Mis-matched comparison of all time

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16 Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato

Demi - Luckys

That's hard, but Demi for singing and Selena for acting - simpsondude

Demi Lovato enjoys singing and has a great voice, Selena is just there really. - DCfnaf

Demi Lovato all the way.

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17 Michael Jackson or Prince

Prince - Mesel

Michael Jackson - DCfnaf

18 Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood

Taylor - Luckys

TAYLOR SWIFT all the way. She's a real music artist and is NOT a Neo-Nazi!

Easy, Taylor Swift for the win. Great songwriting, not that manufactured shrill American Idol garbage. Carrie does not sell well outside the US because she sucks

Tough one since I like both, but Carrie Underwood. - DCfnaf

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19 Tempo or Cosculluela
20 Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj
21 Zedd or Diplo

Zedd, by a mile. - Entranced98

22 Jay-Z or Kanye West
23 Madonna or Lady Gaga?

Honestly, they both have good songs, but I noticed Madonna's going downhill in song qualities (after the abomination she's made with Nicki Minaj), so I'll go for Gaga. - Swellow

Lady Gaga, honestly. I do love both though. - DCfnaf

Gaga - BeatlesFan1964

24 The Chainsmokers or Coldplay

Easily Coldplay. - Userguy44

How Can I Say "Neither"? - VideoGamefan5


Coldplay. It's a no-brainer. - Entranced98

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25 Maroon 5 or Coldplay

Coldplay. Maroon 5 is okay though. - Userguy44

Maroon 5, but I still love Coldplay!

26 Marilyn Manson or Trent Reznor

Manson - BeatlesFan1964

27 Ratt or Mötley Crüe

Motley Crüe! While RATT did have a few good songs, the Crüe had several. - Brobusky

Crüe - BeatlesFan1964

28 Bruce Springsteen or The Beatles?

Beatles, obviously. - Brobusky

Beatles - BeatlesFan1964

29 Death or Morbid Angel?

Hard choice, but Death gets my vote. - Brobusky

30 Mayhem or Burzum?

How about neither because they're satanic and are both from the worst subgenre of metal? - DCfnaf

It's close, but Mayhem. - Brobusky

31 Cattle Decapitation or Aborted?
32 Carnifex or Whitechapel?
33 Aaliyah or Beyonce?

Beyoncé. - DCfnaf

34 Three Days Grace or Breaking Benjamin?
35 Rebecca Black or Alison Gold
36 The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

I love both but I'll give this one to The Beatles

37 Dream Theater or Blind Guardian?
38 Melanie Martinez or Billie Eilish
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