Top 10 Questions About Random Scenarios to Ask People

Feel free to add you own scenario question, whether it's normal-ish/possible or ridiculous/impossible. It's a Community List, after all.

The Top Ten Questions About Random Scenarios to Ask People

1 What would you do if you founded out that the world will end in 12 hours?

Hang out with my family and friends while playing my favourite songs on full volume and traveling to my favourite places at the same time - Dovewing303

Get together with my friends, and do whatever comes to our minds. And then play "It's The End Of The World As We Know It". - SirSheep

Throw the biggest End of the World Party while singing "It's the End of The World". - egnomac

Close my eyes and wait for the end. - RiverVibeZ

2 It's the morning of your birthday. You wake up to see your top five favorite fictional characters singing the Happy Birthday song to you. What would you do?

I'd tell myself to go home, I'm drunk. Wait, I'm already home. WHAT DO I DO THEN? - CrypticMemory

I'd wonder who drugged me - SirSheep

I'll give them big thank you - BorisRule

I'll say thank you - Yoshidude

3 Let's say you have a crazy cousin (if you don't.) S/he came to visit your house and had an alien with him/her, and s/he said that they're getting married. What would you do?

I'd go back to bed - SirSheep

I’d tell her she’s on drugs - IceFoxPlayz

4 You suddenly gained the ability to travel though fictional worlds/universes. What world/universe would you most likely go first, and what would you do there?

In The Matrix realm because I seek to process information in my mind by retaining information I don't have any knowledge of. For example, the Spanish language. There's just many more I seek to learn in a snap of a finger. - Kevinsidis

Regular Show, Samurai Jack, Shiki, Spongebob Squarepants, Tom And Jerry...
I would do a lot of stuff there... - BorisRule

Pokemon, Harry Potter, Minecraft, maybe Zelda. - CrypticMemory

To the universe of Destiny/Destiny 2 - DarkBoi-X

5 You open the door and you see your favorite singer/rapper/band. What would you do?

I would talk to them and maybe take a picture with them if they allowed it. - RiverVibeZ

If Michael Jackson is still alive and when some family member of mine invited him with my parents' approval and if he has enough time, I would LOVE to play many games with him. - BorisRule

Attempt to talk to them, maybe play guitar with them - SirSheep

Ask for an autograph - CrypticMemory

6 You are stranded on an island with your online friends. What would you do?

First, actually get to know them in person. Then I'd attempt to get off, and I'd build a shelter to survive - SirSheep

Work on a plan to espace - BorisRule

Oh yay Minecraft VR - CrypticMemory

7 You wake up the next day and you think that you're the last human on Earth because you couldn't find anyone in town. You found out that you was wrong as you meet your arch nemesis. What would you do?

Fight them? Seems like it was meant to be in that case - SirSheep

Fight until I lose - BorisRule

Kill them - CrypticMemory

8 You're walking in a dark alleyway and you meet your evil doppelganger. S/he tells you that s/he's going to kill you, and then attempts to stab you with a dagger, but fails. What would you do?

Run away and find a weapon to protect myself with or try to get rid of their weapon or choke them to death - CrypticMemory

I'd grab their arms before they can do a second attempt at stabbing me and then try to take them down. - DarkBoi-X

Kick my evil clone and call the police - BorisRule

Run away and call the cops. - RiverVibeZ

9 You're trying to go outside, but you encounter an Inland Taipan, a King Cobra, and a Black Mamba (some of the most deadliest snakes in the world.) Would you try to get out of the house, stay inside, or something else?

I would just go out the window, I know all this because I'm from Australia and a snake went into my house before. - AlphaQ

You could have just mentioned one but all 3 of those snakes yikes. I think AlphaQ has the right idea but you would have to run fast if the black mamba chases you. - Powell

Call the experts. Then I'd check my enemies list to see who most likely did it - SirSheep

Stay inside, or... call pest control - BorisRule

10 You leave your mansion and Bowser comes out of nowhere and uses his fortress to lift your mansion into the sky similar to when he lifted Peach's castle in Paper Mario. What would you do?

Call Super Mario and Luigi. They'll deal with Bowser. - BorisRule

Go! Arceus! Use Gravity! - CrypticMemory

Sacrifice Tekashi 6ix9ine. - AlphaQ

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11 You have a pet, however Eggman kidnapped it and turned it into a robot. What would you do?

Panther with Sonic and we'll deal with Eggman. - BorisRule

12 Your girlfriend got kidnapped by bowser what would you do?

Find out where he's hiding and beat him up. Or ask Mario to do that. - RiverVibeZ

Mario and yoshi and fight him - Yoshidude

Kill that annoying mushroom - CrypticMemory

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