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Fan of soap operas? Great Britain and the US of A are somewhat addicted to them; we need our daily half-hour / hour fix of the goings-on in the fictional lives of families that take us away from our own stresses and worries (well, that is if you love good mysterious murders, whodunits, drug-use, love triangles etc etc blah blah...) Whatever the reason we watch, we are thankful for them. Whatever would we do without them?

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1 Favourite soap?

The Good Place. Hands down. At first, I never really expected to like it, and the only thing that drew me into watching it was the concept by which the afterlife was portrayed. After a while, I started getting really deep into it, and the show had made me eagerly anticipate mondays, when TGP would be broadcasted on Indian Television. At that time, I was 14 years old and the show made me actually read novels about ethics.

After Season 2 ended, I actually asked Kristen Bell, the actress who plays the lead role on reddit whether there would be a Season 3, and she said yes! The worst part about it is that they keep airing the show when exams are running in full swing - styLIShT

2 Favourite character?

Mine would be Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place, the way her backstory was shown, how her character evolved over the course of the 2 seasons, and everything else was almost perfectly executed by the producers - styLIShT

3 Best storyline?
4 Favourite infamous villain?
5 Sexiest character?
6 What don't you like about your least favourite character?
7 Best family?
8 Which character (dead or alive) would you like to see brought back?
9 Who do you think would win a fight between the Taylors in EastEnders and the McQueens in Hollyoaks?
10 Favourite child character?

Dave Park in Dr.Ken portrayed by Albert Tsai is the first thing that comes to mind - styLIShT

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1. Favourite soap?
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1. Best storyline?
2. Favourite character?
3. Favourite soap?


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