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1 What music artist inspires your lyrics?

Myself...? I have like 1 song I wrote inspired by Halsey but the rest I just kind of wrote because why not. - sadical

Twenty One Pilots and NF have inspired me with their meanings, and Halsey has inspired me with her metaphors. - saturatedsunrise

2 What are some of your favorite lyrics you’ve written?

Well, not that any are close to average/average/above average, but I guess I’m kind of okay with “she stays strong as tears roll down her cheek, no luck for the broken, no training for the weak. And she stands up as her body fills with pain, stuck in the right state of mind.” - saturatedsunrise

Um well there’s this line I wrote once that says “You can't see with heart eyes, now can you? ” It’s a reference to how people get blinded by love. Another one I kind of like is “She has the moon in her soul, and the stars in her eyes, and she wished upon them every night.” That one is about how someone had so much going for her but she couldn't see it because of someone. I don't know why I wrote those but I kind of just did. - sadical

3 What are some of your least favorite lyrics you’ve written?

Oh, all of them! But I guess my least favorite were written when I was 9: “I wanna watch T.V., I wanna watch T.V.. I wanna play Crossy Road, I wanna play Crossy. I wanna play Minecraft, I wanna play Minecraft.” - saturatedsunrise

I wrote a weird song called Not An Artist. The lyrics are “you’re not an artist but a manipulator instead. You’re not an angel with hidden horns upon your head. You’re not the victor cause you lied to get where you stand.” That’s not very nice. Plus it doesn't make sense. - sadical

4 What’s the title of your favorite song you’ve written?

I wrote this song one time. It’s called Don't Fall In Love. It’s by me. - sadical

I’ve only ever written one song that i’m kind of proud of, and that was called Hopefully Hopeless. Even though the chorus is only 4 sentences. Okay, never mind, it’s trash. - saturatedsunrise

5 What’s the title of your least favorite song you’ve written?

I Got It. It was the bad song I wrote when I was 9 about wanting to watch T.V. and play various video games. - saturatedsunrise

Nightmare and Stargirl. It’s about two superheroes who don't exist. It doesn't make sense. - sadical

6 What song do you wish you would have written?

The song I talk about way too much. - saturatedsunrise

Slow by Halsey. I mean, it’s unreleased so I could take credit for it and then just get copyright or something. - sadical

7 What genre of music do you write?

I guess it could be bad alternative pop. - saturatedsunrise

8 What are your favorite lyrics of all time?

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns, doesn't mean you're gonna die
You gotta get up and try, and try, and try
-Try by Pink - sadical

Probably the whole second verse of Migraine. Just listen to it, and you’ll see why I like it so much, music wise and lyric wise. - saturatedsunrise

9 What are your favorite topics to write songs about?

Whatever I want..? - sadical

Stuff that didn’t happen to me. I’ve only written one song about that, but it just made me really happy to write, because it was about stuff I want to happen. Writing songs about things that did happen is not a joyful experience for me, because I don’t write about very joyful experiences. - saturatedsunrise

10 What is your favorite part of writing songs?

Writing the pre chorus, because pre choruses are just so cool! - saturatedsunrise

This isn't a good question. That doesn't make sense. Why did I make this? - sadical

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