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121 Full House or Good Luck Charlie?

Full House. The cast was more family-friendly and taught a valuable lesson in life at the end of almost every episode. Good Luck Charlie isn't exactly as family-friendly though, but not straight-out dumb. It's just the cast of Full House is more family-friendly.

Both are good shows. - nintendofan126

Full House. A classic 90's sitcom. - Minecraftcrazy530

Full house - Trollsfan536

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122 All That or So Random?

I hate So Random. But I remember hating All That too. But since So Random is the rip-off, I'll say it's worse.

All That. Plus, Gabriel Iglesias starred on that show!

Shut Up, and Stop Commenting! You're Such a Troll!

All That. - Cartoonfan202

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123 That's So Raven or Cory In the House?

To be honest I thought both shows were okay a girl that can see into the future or a fat black kid with a mansion... Tough - KingFab

That's So Raven - Cartoonfan202

124 Punk'd or Prank Stars?
125 Sonic X or Sonic Underground?

I haven't seen either - Cartoonfan202

126 Invader Zim or Courage the Cowardly Dog?

Invader Zim all the way! But Courage the Cowardly Dog is still a great show. - CartoonsGirl

Invader Zim in 2015 my all time favorite show

I'll go with Zim. - Garythesnail

Both are good, but Invader Zim - Cartoonfan202

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127 Empire or Fanboy and Chum Chum?

I've never heard of Empire. But I hate Fanboy and Chum Chum.

I agree with the visitor comment. - Cartoonfan202

128 Star vs the Forces of Evil or the Fairly Odd Parents?

The Fairly OddParents because it's my favorite show of all time. But Star Vs the Forces of Evil isnt that bad. - cosmo

Fairly Odd parents. Though Star vs. The forces of evil is still a cool show. - CartoonsGirl

I haven't seen Star, but it looks good. - Garythesnail

SVTFOE, because FOP went downhill - Cartoonfan202

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129 Higglytown Heroes or Arthur?

Wait, wasn't Higglytown Heroes that show with the creepy Russian nesting dolls? shudders Arthur. - Garythesnail

I've never seen either.

I choose Arthur. - Powerfulgirl10

Arthur - Trollsfan536

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130 Total Drama All-Stars or Total Drama Pahkitew Island?

Both awful but All Stars by just. - KingFab

All Stars - Cartoonfan202

TDPI, the cast may have proved the writers are starting to run out of ideas, but it's better than TDAS. Barely. - Turkeyasylum

131 Drake & Josh or Shake It Up!

Two hilarious brothers are better than two awful dancers who act like jerks to each other - Cartoonfan202

Drake & Josh for the win! - GravityFallsAndWBBLover18

Drake and Josh is definitely better. - Powerfulgirl10

Drake and josh - Trollsfan536

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132 Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars - Cartoonfan202

133 Breadwinners or Sanjay and Craig?

Even though they both suck, Breadwinners STILL is better. Sanjay and Craig is the worst show ever made!

Sanjay and Craig is a bit decent but I still hate it. Breadwinners is MUCH WORSE - Chromium

I'd say Sanjay and Craig. At least its animation is decent. - Goatworlds

Sanjay and Craig - Cartoonfan202

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134 The Amazing World of Gumball or Harvey Beaks?

Disney1994, Shut Up, You Pest! You're a Stupid Piece of Crap Who Should Not Be on TheTopTens!

Anyone Other Than Disney1994 who would like to comment.

Harvey Beaks, even though they're both good - Cartoonfan202

Gumball. I honestly find Harvey boring as heck. - NikBrusk

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135 Stanley or Arthur?

I've never seen either.

Arthur - Trollsfan536

Arthur. - Cartoonfan202

136 Stanley or Caillou?

I've never seen either, but I know Caillou is considered one of the worst shows ever made, so Stanley will have to win.

Stanley. That is a good show for little kids. Caillou? Not so much. - RalphBob

Stanley - Trollsfan536

Stanley. - Cartoonfan202

137 Bakugan or Monsuno?

I've never heard of either of them.

Jeez, this is a hard question too. I'll have to go with both. - SapphireGrim

No One Cares, Now Go Away!

Bakugan - Cartoonfan202

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138 Family Guy or Johnny Test?

Johnny Test because it isn't as controversial as Family Guy - Cartoonfan202

Hey Disney! I Have Two Words For You: SHUT UP!

Shut Up and Let Others Comment, Idiot!

FAMILY GUY - Goatworlds

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139 Ren & Stimpy or Sanjay and Craig?

I've never seen Ren & Stimpy, but Sanjay and Craig is the worst show ever made!

Both are sucks and both are has a terrible animation. - 05yusuf09

Ren and Stimpy is way better by miles! - Goatworlds

Ren and Stimpy - Cartoonfan202

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140 Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn or Arthur?

I've never seen Arthur, but I hate Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

You Just Commented on "The Odd Squad or Arthur? " That You Have Have Heard of Arthur.

No contest Arthur. - KingFab

Arthur - Trollsfan536

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