Top Ten Questions About TheTopTens

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1 How do you reply to comments?

When you see a coment, you see a few lines next to it? Click them, and hit the arrow to reply. - Martinglez

2 How do you make a list?

Easy. From a computer, go up to the top and click add list. - Martinglez

3 How do you comment?

Click the blue cross - Martinglez

I'm not sure 😛

4 Can anyone vote?

YES! Even if you don't have an account (people with no accounts are called visitors). - Metal_Treasure

Anyone but women. - Puga

Yes. Anyone. - Martinglez

5 Can anyone add lists?

Nope, not anymore. Now only people with an account can add items to lists.

Yes. TheTopTens Users, Visitors, anyone can add lists - MatrixGuy

YES! Even people with no accounts (aka visitors) - Metal_Treasure

Not Anymore. Fix This, Now, Admin!

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6 Why do some lists have a search bar and others an add button?

'Search List' is a relatively new option (maybe since Sept 2015 or so) designed to avoid item duplicates. It's available even on lists with less than 100 items if the list is new. The 'Add button' is still there but it's hidden.

In case you don't know how to work with the Search Bar, these are the steps:

1) In order to add a new item, first you have to type it in the 'Search list'. If the item already exists, it appears and you can go there and vote, add comments, etc.

2) If the item doesn't exist, a notice appears: "No matches found. You can add a new item to this list by clicking here." So this is actually the Add button.

3) You add your item. - Metal_Treasure

I am wondering this myself.

Good question... - SamuiNeko

Hmm.. 90% of these questions are so basic and easy to find out in a snap. This one however is a good question. - htoutlaws2012

7 Is there a max number of items per list?

No. I've seen lists with over 1,000 items. - Metal_Treasure

I think there isn�'t, but i�'m not sure - Martinglez

8 How do you add items to the list?

At the bottom, click add item. - Martinglez

9 Can you vote on your own lists?

Haha sometimes I have to! - Britgirl

Yes - Martinglez

Yes. - Metal_Treasure

10 Can you comment on your own lists?

Sure. Especially if you strongly agree or disagree with a comment or new item that has been added.

Yes - Martinglez

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