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1 In StarClan would Greystripe be with Silverstream?

Yes, as Silverstream was Greystripe's first love. - Wolftail

Yes, he would be. He loved Silverstream more.

It said he would when fire star asked him.


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2 Would Bluestar be with Lionhearted if he hadn't died?

No; Bluestar shows no interest in Lionheart in that way. - Wolftail

Yeah not...I think Bluestar would choose to keep her loyalty to Oakheart. - cassiabez

3 Was firestar going to be with Spottedleaf in StarClan if she hadn't died?

No because medecine cats can't have kits. Anyway, I don't like them together. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I don't like them together too but Medicine Cats can have mates in StarClan. - cassiabez

Read Firestar’s Quest. Firestar was meant to be with Sandstorm.

4 Would Brightheart be with Swiftpaw if he didn't die

I hope not. I hate swiftpaw and I don't like him with Brightheart. I prefer Cloudtail.

Cloud tail helped her with her training so I think she wouldn't.

I feel like she would still be with cloudtail because she is his mate and have a kit and he helped and grower with her way more the swifpaw

Well Cloudtail would go to StarClan because he’s a loyal warrior through and through but I think Brightheart would choose Cloudtail

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5 Was Tigerstar meant to bring in the dogs?

If not, Swiftpaw wouldn't die, cloud tail wouldn't mate with Brightheart, They wouldn't have kits (Whitewing), she wouldn't have Dovewing and then the prophecy wouldn't come true - Badgerflame

It would they just need a different cat that is related to firestar

6 Will Dovewing mate with Tigerheart?

No. She broke up with Tigerheart, dated Bumblestripe, broke up with Bumblestripe, and now her love life is undetermined. - RiverClanRocks

I think not.Maybe she'll get another mate from her Clan or will come back with Bumblestripe - cassiabez

Yep. She now has 3 kits with him and lives in ShadowClan. - BlueberryCatfish

7 How many warriors books will exist?

Hopefully more! But in total, counting mangas and super editions, there are 55. I was bored...

8 Will we get to see more of Bramblestar's leadership?

There's a new series, so yes, we will. - IcetailofWishClan

I'm sure we will. - cassiabez

9 Has Ivypool EVER gone to a gathering?
10 Did Hawkfrost like Ivypool?

I'm not very sure about it that's confusing to me - cassiabez

No! He almost killed her! - RiverClanRocks

No. Hawkfrost thought as Ivypool more as a daughter then a mate. and he tried to kill her

I know I am going to get some hates on this, but I think Hawkfrost must really like Ivypool. They are actually quite similar if you think about it. Both trying to be loyal warriors, but being pushed away and have jealousy grow along with hate. Hawkfrost shows some sights of affection, even though they are hard to find. But would you really expect Hawkfrost to strut over to Ivypool and yell; " Oh Ivypool, I love youu! " Yeah. Not something you would find in Hawkfrost. Also Ivypool is my favorite character in Warriors.
This was a short one, 🙃 Oh well.

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11 What Will Violetpaw and Twigpaws Warrior Name Be?

Violet (Barelys sis) has a booty!

Violetpaw's warrior name is Violetshine and Twigpaw's is... I'm not sure... - Gingerbobo

I hope violetsplash and twigleaf.

Well to late it's Violets Hine and Twigbranch

12 What if Ravenpaw stayed in ThunderClan?

He'd most likely be dead and I would've cursed the Erins, but what if?

13 What if Nightstar got his nine lives?
14 Who's Pip?

I keep seeing this name as a terrier living by the horseplace in the animals list, but I don't see it make an appearance throughout the whole series.

He's a dog from twilight who is in the allegiances and then does not appear in any books. probably a forgotten idea

15 Did Whitestorm know that Thistleclaw was his father?

Yes. Thistleclaw would visit him in the nursery as a kit.

Whitestorm: Hmm... so that *&%$ is my father?

16 Did Mapleshade deserve to go to the Dark Forest?

Random man that no one cares about: Well, she did kill some kitties, but I don't think that she deserved all THAT.

Not really. In my opinion, she never deserved to go to the Dark Forest. She killed a few cats, but there ARE some cats that did or attepted murder (*ahem* Ashfur *ahem* Hollyleaf) and they still went to StarClan. I theorize that Mapleshade died too soon for StarClan to really judge her properly. After all, she did practically starve herself in the barn she died in after Mapleshade killed all those cats. Besides, all Mapleshade wanted was to bring her kits to RiverClan after being exiled from ThunderClan, in hopes of raising them happily there. Is that not good enough of a reason for a heartbroken mother to get vengance for her kits, StarClan?

Well I dunno. - cassiabez

17 Will Millie have more kits?

No. In Shattered sky, she is an elder

I don't know...

18 What If Rusty Never Joined the Clans?

Then the warriors series wouldn't exsist

19 Why Can't Dovewing Choose a Darn Mate?

I don't know

20 What do I think of Russetfur and Rowanstar together?
21 Did Scourge REALLY go to the Dark Forest?!

Probably not. Scourge doesn't believe in StarClan or the warrior code, so there's no reason he should go to the Dark Forest.

Nope.He didn't belive StarClan.Also,there was no moment saying that he did go to the Dark Forest. - cassiabez

SERIOUSLY, this should be higher/on the list. But I READ THAT HE DIDN'T! Lol, BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS:WHERE DID SCOURGE REALLY GO?! ;-P :-o - ScourgetheHedgehog

22 When Squirrelflight goes to Starclan, how will she react when she sees Ashfur?

I think they would ignore each other - cassiabez

23 Does Bumblestripe get a new mate?
24 How did Ravenpaw die?
25 Will there be a warrior cats movie?
26 Did Sol Die?

No. - Gingerbobo

27 What Main Character Shall Die Next?

I hope dovestink

28 What If Longtail Never Went to Get that Piece of Prey When the Tree Was Falling?

He would be alive. :l - Gingerbobo

29 Why are the Erins Not Making Gay Couples?



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