Top Ten Questions to Ask About Assassins and Templars from Assassin's Creed


The Top Ten

1 Whose ideals do you support?

Templars but I don't like how they overstretched it. - 2storm

Templars, but I think they go about it the wrong way. - Skullkid755

I support the Templars. - Therandom

Templars - GlassweighanCountess

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2 What would you do to your enemy faction?

Kill them - 2storm

3 Do you prefer the Assassins way of fighting, or the Templars?

Templars are more peaceful than the assassins greusem and speedy assassinations

Assassins - 2storm

4 Which faction is more evil?

Neither - 2storm


5 Who is more brutal?

Assassins - 2storm


6 Who is better equipped?

Assassins, as far as weapons and tech go

Assassins - 2storm

7 Which side would you feel safer on?

The Assassins. - Therandom

Assassins - 2storm


8 Who is your favorite Assassin or Templar?

Assassins - 2storm

9 Could you be the leader of the faction?

Yes - 2storm

10 Would you steal the equipment of your enemy faction?

No - 2storm

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