Top Ten Questions to Ask About Uranus

Ahem...before all you eager astronomers get excited, I must warn you that this list is just a humorous play on words...
*cough* your anus...

The Top Ten

1 How big is Uranus?

Haha, V, don't worry. This list was born from purely comical thoughts :). By the way, just how big, never mind... - Britgirl

V, my funny friend. This is dedicated to you :) Enjoy. - Britgirl

Ahh...V, either you're just full of sweet hot air, or the subject is a sore point... ;). - Britgirl

No, no, dear Beege. No "bad day." Don't blame me for your faux pas (yeah-- French! ) :P

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2 What grows on Uranus?

Oh my goodness. This list...What MUST have I been thinking? Actually don't answer that. - Britgirl

3 Have anyone actually been on Uranus?

Let me check Google Maps...hmm...there seems to be a pin above Uranus saying "22 people have been here." - PositronWildhawk

4 How hot is Uranus?

Just around 88.7 Kelvin. The ladies still might all drop dead in close proximity to it. - PositronWildhawk

Thank you, Toucan. Admin wasn't impressed though :/. - Britgirl

Oh my gosh,I think I'm gonna die with laughter...awesome list britgirl - Toucan

5 Can I grow vegetables on Uranus?
6 Is there life on Uranus?
7 If I ever visit Uranus, can I stick my country's flag in it?

The flag will possibly be destroyed by the erosion from the strong winds, high methane concentration, and highly unpredictable climate changes. Plus, how would you stick it to the surface, which is mostly gaseous? - PositronWildhawk

8 Is it windy on Uranus?
9 Will I be able to eat on Uranus?
10 Can I have a look at Uranus with a telescope?

The Contenders

11 Are there trolls on Uranus?

Who is "Metal"? - Swellow

12 Can you put stuff in Uranus?

That reminds me of the video Gay Men Touch Vaginas For The First Time where one of the gays asked the lady if women can keep snacks in their vaginas - bobbythebrony

13 Is there oxygen in Uranus?
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