Top 10 Questions to Ask Admin of TheTopTens

The Top Ten Questions to Ask Admin of TheTopTens

1 How does TheTopTens make money?

To answer that, ads. But that may not be all. - keycha1n

I asked about it to Finch. He said that it isn't by ads. - Animefan12

Obviously not ads since there was a "Remove ads" button on your settings, and I never had one of those popups telling me to disable my ad-blocker.

2 Why am I unable to see some of Admin's posts?
3 When you message me that my list has been approved, you aren't present in the "online members" section. Why?

I would like to know the answer to this. - cosmo

I swear one time admin sent me a message that I accidentally deleted. To this day, I'm still curious what it might've said. - keycha1n

4 Why you haven't made any lists?

They just made 2 recently.

they made - zxm

5 How old are you?

There are multiple admins, most of them far older than Therandom.

6 How many comments you guys receive everyday?

I would like to know this. - RockFashionista

7 What was the first list ever created?

This would be interesting, perhaps heather knows the answer? - keycha1n

Maybe Heather made it. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 How many users have joined TheTopTens?

As if 2017, there are currently 160,000+ users. Minus bots, 155,000+

9 Do you know that I have made an account without giving my Gmail ID?

What he said is true - styLIShT

My 2nd account is styLIShT. For making that account only I submitted my Gmail ID. - Animefan12

10 How do you feel about trolls?

The Contenders

11 Are you satisfied with this job?
12 Is it exhausting to do your job moderating TheTopTens?
13 If TopTenners run out of list ideas, what will you do about the "Newest" section?
14 Will you make any more policies in 2016?

There should be no more policies - Nonpointed

15 If you suspend anyone from TheTopTens,will they get a chance to come back?

If I'm not wrong, suspensions usually last for a certain amount of days - styLIShT

16 Do you think TheTopTens is a social media?
17 Who is your favorite user?

Probably Velitelcabal. His least favorites would probably be BarneyTheDinosaurRocks (Not allowing him to make lists), Therandom (For trying to take his job), all the other users against the policy, all the users he terminated, and AggressiveBlaze (Because he's tired of him making 92394859382 accounts to troll the site with).

18 Why do you send random troll warnings for no reason?

Because he hates us.

Because he h8 meh wahh - AlphaQ

19 What is your real name?
20 Do you like this list?

I was actually wondering what they think of it...

21 Have you ever broken into a TopTenner's house before?
22 Is "TheTopTens" a plural or singular word?
23 Do you feel bad about people hating your policy?
24 Who are you?
25 What aren't you answering any of these questions?
26 Why are you so biased?
27 Are you an alien?
28 What is the most disliked comment on TheTopTens?

I'm just wandering

29 What was the first list created on this website?
30 What year was TheTopTens made?
31 Can you please let visitors add lists and items to lists again?
32 Do you hate Disney?
33 Will the "Featured Lists" on the bottom of the site (the Tips for Staying Safe Online and all) ever change?
34 Why don't you understand that some people need to find out exactly why they are suspended?
35 Why did you suspend Sausagelover99?
36 Why do you suspend people for no reason?

Yeah. Why do you?

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