Letter To Admin

Turkeyasylum Dear Admin,

I've been a long time user of TheTopTens. I've been visiting since last June, and joined in early September, 2014. I've made many blog post series, lists, and other things. I enjoy this website. But, there are still tons of flaws. Here they are:

As an avid user here on TheTopTens, I've seen tons of lists around that are worthy of more votes. However, nobody can see these lists because the featured lists prsctically never change. I've laready seen most of the featured lists, and I do believe they deserve to be up there. However, some of the more creative lists deserve to be up there instead. Each week, on every Friday, TheTopTens Admin (you guys) could pick ten of your favorite lists of the week (they have to be new) and feature them in an "admin's picks" tab, next to the new lists, just in case the lists were missed. This could help get more creative and humorous lists out there, as that's what many of us users do, including me, PositronWildhawk, Britgirl (could you get her glitch adressed?), SuperHyperdude, and pretty much any other user.

TheTopTens admins (you guys again) have done a great job removing arguments from this site. That is not a worry in this blog posts. But we want to express our opinions more on our profile pages. For example, I would like a background other than plain white. I also want images on the edges showing what I like on one side, and what I don't on the other. So, is it possible to add one of many themes to your profile page, or upload a photo to use as the background? Many users would do this, as it would give a slice of them splatted on a web page. In addition, there could be a several-times-suggested idea of picking lists a user made that they're the most proud of. Or, adding the actual date the user created their account on. There could also be a way to search for a user along with lists in the "search" button.

Blog posts have become more and more popular on this website, and are growing fast. Members like PositronWildhawk and SuperHyperdude have been blog posting long before they got popular, and later Puga, Simpsondude, and I had tried our hands at blog posting, and now almost every frequent user has t least one post. But the thing I have trouble with are the series. For example, if I liked the first episode of a blog post and couldn't find the second one because it wasn't approved to be high quality yet, I'd have to go all the way to the user's profile. There should be a sequence thing alloeing a user to organize blog posts in their series, so you can read them in chronological order. That would help with the reading of post series.

Admin, thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Consider what I wrote, as I speak for a large portion of the users here.


Wow! My list actually got blogged!
If thetoptens were to have this feature, it would need an app. - Animefan12

As blog series are a relativity recent thing here, a trend which only started in early 2014, it's clear that the site doesn't make an easy way to skim through episodes since it wasn't designed for it. But I think it would be useful to allow users to create a system for their blog series.
I have imagined this system as a tab, similar in appearance to a YouTube playlist, which can be ordered chronologically, alphabetically, manually; however the user pleases, and the user can add and remove posts from it as they wish. This blog series tab would appear on the user's homepage under "posts" and under a post in the series in question. This way, a reader can directly access posts in the series from the relevant pages. And finally, on the "add blog post" page, there would be a box which the user would tick if they wanted to add the post to one of their series.
Just a suggestion, of course, but this is what I'd like to see someday. Thanks in advance for making it happen, if it does. - PositronWildhawk

Nice post, Turkey, and I agree. - PetSounds

I want to have honorable mentions in remixes too. - RalphBob

Wow, I agree with every single point. It may take a while to go into effect, but these are top-notch ideas! - keycha1n

I agree with these points. Nice post. - Darellfat

Some of my lists are exactly like other top 10 lists, but no one votes on them for some strange reason... Are you blackmailing me, Admin? - simpsondude

I really just want the lists to be approved faster, I am tired of waiting two hours to get a message from admin just to find out my list was merged or returned. Only happened two or three times, but look at the approval speed of posts! - Skullkid755