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1 What's Your Favorite Anime Series?

Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood

Fairy tail! - Crystalsnow

Mine has to be attack on Titan

No doubt Fullmetal Alchemist. That show has the best anime protagonist, in depht characters, and awesome concepts - TheDarkOne_221b

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2 What Got You Interested In Anime?

The first anime I have watched is powerpuff girls z, and from then I had got interest in animes - Crystalsnow

In middle school I saw one of my friends reading a "picture book" it was what I called it back then. It was a graphic novel of vampire kisses! I ask her where she got the book from and she told me it was at the library! I check out a few books and I started to get into it and I also start buying the books at goodwill since the were cheap to get it! I read a lot of manga and I didn't notice there was a anime until I came across it on YouTube like "The best top 10 Kisses in anime"! They were all good and came along Inuyasha! I watch My first anime and finished the series in 3 nights!

I actually got in to anime just last year around August, I didn't really know what anime was until I moved schools at the beginning of 2016, and one of my mates talked about anime all the time, trying to get me in to it, eventually I went to my mates house and his room was full of anime stuff, and he asked me if I was keen to watch some anime, and I just said, why not and then we started watching Attack on Titan and finished it on that day to. after that I've loved anime ever since, I'm already up to date with Naruto, One Piece, and DBZ Super and I've watched heaps more anime's in just the past 7 months

It was the art and the different gerners there are and also the different emotions put on their faces I felt so angry and sad when people say that anime is trash, which is not, so I felt that maybe I should just show them but they said they all look the same, yeah I know, maybe some of them but they all have different ablillities which I love a lot and I hope people find anime really enteraining and inspiring and fun to watch. everything about anime is the best, but when it comes to romance, drama, kisses, or even friendship magic than ii find that it helps around real life a lot but sometimes it doesn't really work all the time, like say someone called you lesbian

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3 Which Anime Series Would You Most Recommend?

Anime's like Attack on Titan, Fairy tail, Death note, SAO, and One piece are good anime's in my opinion - Crystalsnow

If you are new to anime. I highly recommend the anime Your Lie In April.You can watch it in sub or dub on netflix.

I love funny anime so I would recommend fairy tale, maid same and death note! - Sugarcubecorner

Jojo has a great story awesome fights and battle tendencies is pretty funny. - Roach

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4 Who's Your Favorite Anime Character?

Russia and Belarus from Hetalia

Luffy from One Piece. He's so adorable and badass at the same time. I haven't seen anyone who has watched One Piece that hates Luffy.

The great old Ash Ketchum - BorisRule

Edward Elric. In my opinion the perfect anime character. - TheDarkOne_221b

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5 What Was the First Anime You Ever Watched?

Original Dragon ball. - Roach

Pokemon was the first anime I ever saw. - Kiteretsunu

Naruto was the first I ever watched

Pokemon, beyblade and PPGZ - Sugarcubecorner

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6 Who's Your Favorite Female Anime Character?

Erza.. Mikasa... Erza... Mikasa! - Crystalsnow

Nico Robin! The nicest and kindest woman in One Piece. So intelligent, strong and gorgeous. Perfection!

Are you kidding me?! - BorisRule

Yona from akatsuki no yona

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7 Which Anime Would You Most Want to Be Turned Into a Movie?

That time I got reincarnated into a slime
#best show ever

Kiss him not me


Fullmetal Alchemist its just begging to be made into a movie and who knows if directed right could be the next best picture. - egnomac

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8 Which Anime Series Do You Favor the Least?

Fairy tail. I hate that anime with a burning passion

BoKu no pico, school days and eiken... Simply disgusting! - Crystalsnow

Boku No Pico and Diabolk Lovers (I dunno how it is spelled) - BorisRule

Fairy Tail... Downright idiotic.. - KevinJ

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9 Which Anime Character Is Your Least Favorite?

Juvia lockser, Gray fullbuster, asuna yuuki, miss amane, Momo yaoyorazu, ash ketchup, Serena are my least favorite - Crystalsnow

The characters I like the least are Sakura (Naruto), Goku (DBZ), Sae (Peach Girl), and Orihime (Bleach). Sakura basically revolves around Sasuke's character and she is useless the whole first half of the series. You finally see her actually getting stronger then she gets sidelined as a support healer and does nothing until she fails at supporting the leads..again. At the end her character growth is completely negated because she's back to "kyaa-ing" over Sasuke. I don't think the writer of Naruto knew what to do with female characters so he just made them revolve around boys. Then 2nd on my list is Goku. I just don't like him. He seems disingenuous. He eats and fights and gets tricked into marrying a wife that's a shrew. He let's villain's get stronger so he can fight stronger opponents but then this leads to problems like the almost destruction of Earth or the death of his friends. He also cares little for his family as he often abandons them to train and his family is so ...more - NerdBunny

Every character from Boku No Pico - BorisRule

Nami from One Piece. She's really annoying, always whining, yelling at others telling them what to do. Overconfident, selfish and greedy. After time skip she became a fanservice with no personality. She's just not a likable character

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10 Is Anime a Cartoon?

Technically and theoretically, yes - BorisRule

Technically, yes because anime is Japanese for any kind of animation (including western cartoons like Tom and Jerry). - PerfectImpulseX

Yes. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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11 What Anime Couple Do You Hate?

GRUVIA ( gray and stupid juvia) - Crystalsnow

Luffy and Nami. They have no romantic moments, they're just a fantasy of some fangirls. And as a Luffy fan I think Luffy deserves a better girl, the one who respects him and doesn't abuse him. Maybe Boa or Vivi.

I hate sakura and sasuke together and also natsu and lucy the boys deserve a better woman and the girls deserve trash

Goku and chi-chi - BoyGenius234

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12 Why Do You Get Offended If Someone Doesn't Like Anime?

I respect their opinion, not like getting offended though - Crystalsnow

I get quite offended only if they took it too far. - BorisRule

I don't get offended if someone doesn't share the same opinion as me. If that person says I'm stupid or lame for liking what I like I might get a little offended. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you don't need to be hurtful towards others just because they like or dislike something that you don't agree with. It's fine if they say they think a certain thing is dumb to them but they don't need to make it personal by calling the person that likes it dumb. There's a sliver of difference between the two responses. One is bashing a thing (anime) that isn't sentient and the other is bashing an actual person that has feelings. So yeah..go ahead and not like anime because that's your choice. I don't particularly care and I don't like it when people try to force something on me so I wouldn't try to force something on someone else. If you want to give it a try, great. If you don't then that's fine too. Just as long as you keep a civil tongue I could care less. - NerdBunny

Also, the hate always comes in my mind without any way of getting it out of my head. - TheDarkOne_221b

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13 Why Do You Think it is Better Than Western Animation?

They both equally good, m420! - BorisRule

I like Western Animation but anime has more appealing style and is usually detailed very well. I can only think of a couple of different anime that had horrible art style. I can think of plenty of cartoons with bad animation though. - RoseRedFlower

I think that western animation and anime can both be good or bad and this comparison is case sensitive, but I find that I prefer the detailed art style and plots of anime and.. Western animations'.. fart jokes? - Kitkatcut1e

They are more creative. Western anime is still fun though.

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14 What Can Be Found In Anime That You Can't Get from Cartoons?

Good story. - Roach

Well first off I think anime has a lot more deaths

Emotional attachment to the characters and the series as a whole. - Kiteretsunu

There are animes that I like and there are ones that I dislike. Same thing can be said for the cartoons. At least in my opinion.

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15 Why Don't You Go Outside For A While?

I ride a bicycle, going to chess training - BorisRule

Why don't you find better questions to ask?

Lol my job requires me to go outside sometimes actually. - RoseRedFlower

I prefer indoor watching/reading anime/manga in my room!

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16 What Do You Think of Yaoi/Yuri Anime?

I've seen it but it's not a genre I would recommend to casual fans. Even I only watch it on occasions. It's not because I'm homophobic. It's because they're pretty generic. - RoseRedFlower

I don't really like either. Not my taste.

Haven't seen it - BoyGenius234

I personally hate it. - Goku02

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17 What Is Your Favorite Anime Crossover?

Fairy tail and one piece/ - Crystalsnow

Shingeki no Kyojin and FullMetal Alchemist to watch Edward murder Eren for his height and ability to regenerate limbs.

My hero academia and one punch man - BoyGenius234

Black Butler and Tokyo Ghoul.

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18 What is Your Favorite Anime Out of the Forbidden Four?

One Piece. It has the best story, so many mysteries and dark moments. It can make you cry and laugh at the same time. Truly work of a God

DBZ - PerfectImpulseX

naruto - BoyGenius234

Don't make me choose...just kidding it's still Wolf's Rain. - RoseRedFlower

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19 If You are in an Anime What Power Do You Want to Get?

Archers unlimited blade works

FIRE DRAGON ROAR! - Crystalsnow

Telekinesis and Essokinesis - BorisRule

Ninja powers - BoyGenius234

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20 What anime world would you want to live in?

Pokemon as a trainer or pokemon

Gundam Build Fighters/Build Fighters Try - PerfectImpulseX

Naruto, fairy tail, or my hero academia - BoyGenius234

21 Why Do You Like Anime?

Badass character designs, funny humor, and well-animated fights - TheDarkOne_221b

And why do you ask this question? - BorisRule

Because half the time it's heart wrenching and keeps me hooked in for more and the other half is pure adorableness. Notice how I said "half" Sorry, I had to make that dead Marco joke. - Pegasister12

Why does anyone like anything? For many reasons.. the artwork, the stories, the characters. It's not just because it's anime. If I can connect with any story or character then I find worth in watching or reading something. Why should I limit myself? - NerdBunny

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22 Did You Know That Justin Bieber Hate Anime?

So? - Crystalsnow

He has done more bad things, hating anime is not a big deal, at least not anymore. - BorisRule

Did you know that I hate Justin Bieber? Not because he hates anime, but because he said "rape was for a reason" and he spat on his fans, and has done so many awful things. He is NOT a role model.

He doesn't. It is a rumor

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23 Is Piracy Killing or Helping the Anime Industry?
24 What Anime Do You Think Would Make A Great Game?


The Precure franchise, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (the 2 Japanese-only PSP games years ago don't count as they were based on A's), and ViViD Strike! would make good fighting games. - PerfectImpulseX

My hero academia - BoyGenius234

(This anime was based off a great game) Daganronpa - Kitkatcut1e

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25 What Do You Think of People Saying Every Anime Is Always Gratifying Woman Sexually?

I think that anime does portray women badly. I won't deny it. But I think that there are many anime's out there that aren't bad. Just as there are bad portrayals of women in anime, there are good ones too. I think they are entitled to their opinions even if I don't see it as an issue. - Kitkatcut1e

Maybe it's because they've only see pictures of sexy anime women from the internet. However I could say that about certain superheroes. - RoseRedFlower

Excuse me? Has anyone ever read Marvel comics? Or DC? Just look up Black Widow or Wonder woman or any other comic girl...

Comic books definitely beat anime in oversexualization of women!

If you look at Justice league unlimited -dark hearts the atom is put in wonder womons boobs. Also he true anime fans see plot in these animes that others don't.

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26 Why do animes have so much killing?

That what makes it more interesting... More bloody.. More fun... - Crystalsnow

Ask that to Happy Tree Friends fans about why HTF has so much killing. - BorisRule

Because anime expresses emotions in an extreme way and the death of characters can be portrayed in so many ways that it can be almost necessary for a character to die every half season or so. - Kitkatcut1e

Because life is sad and people die all the time. So it would make sense why anime would feature death. - RoseRedFlower

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27 What Anime Describes Your Life?

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and HeartCatch Precure - PerfectImpulseX

naruto - BoyGenius234

28 What is This Anime Called?

Hello everyone I hope that someone who can give me an answer to what I've been searching for I remember one scene from a anime show that I watch as a kid back I believe in 1997 and it was on video tape at the time so who's the one thing I remember I remember there was three black cars and each car had black suit men I believe there were agents and a young boy with them they stopped on a back road they all got out the cars with the boy and looking at a demon face on a Cliff side then demons mouth opened up and out the Demons mouth was demon themselves and there were killing the agents but they never touch the boy the boy kept staring at the demon face and all of the sudden a Katana spat out of the demon mouth and into the boys hands

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