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21 Why do animes have so much killing?

Because anime expresses emotions in an extreme way and the death of characters can be portrayed in so many ways that it can be almost necessary for a character to die every half season or so. - Kitkatcut1e

Because life is sad and people die all the time. So it would make sense why anime would feature death. - RoseRedFlower

Why do Mortal Kombat have so much killing

Because people die when they are killed. - Mehguy2000

22 What anime world would you want to live in?
23 Why Do You Like Anime?

Because half the time it's heart wrenching and keeps me hooked in for more and the other half is pure adorableness. Notice how I said "half" Sorry, I had to make that dead Marco joke. - Pegasister12

Why does anyone like anything? For many reasons.. the artwork, the stories, the characters. It's not just because it's anime. If I can connect with any story or character then I find worth in watching or reading something. Why should I limit myself? - NerdBunny

It's a wonderful little experience I can take away. - RoseRedFlower

I just do 'w' - Kitkatcut1e

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24 What Anime Do You Think Would Make A Great Game?

(This anime was based off a great game) Daganronpa - Kitkatcut1e

Excel Saga! - RoseRedFlower

One Punch Man

25 What Anime Describes Your Life?
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