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21 Why Do You Like Anime?

Because half the time it's heart wrenching and keeps me hooked in for more and the other half is pure adorableness. Notice how I said "half" Sorry, I had to make that dead Marco joke. - Pegasister12

Why does anyone like anything? For many reasons.. the artwork, the stories, the characters. It's not just because it's anime. If I can connect with any story or character then I find worth in watching or reading something. Why should I limit myself? - NerdBunny

It's a wonderful little experience I can take away. - RoseRedFlower

I just do 'w' - Kitkatcut1e

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22 If You are in an Anime What Power Do You Want to Get?

Honestly? I want the power to turn my torso into a ball. If cheeky clowns can do it I can too right? - Kitkatcut1e

Kami Tenchi's power. LOL But omnipotence is kinda I'd like the Saiyans' powers. - Goku02

Hm...Kanade Taichibana's powers would be cool. - RoseRedFlower

I want either cool puella magi powers(don't judge me. I mean the guns, the swords and bows),geass, or a death note. I don't want to have the code though. Because I learned from Code Geass, that even immortality sounds cool, It actually sucks(look at poor C.C. who said that she has been alone for a very long time until Lelouch said that she's not alone, because If she's a "witch" then he is a warlock. Which means that he will stay by her side forever) - MLPFan

23 What Anime Do You Think Would Make A Great Game?

(This anime was based off a great game) Daganronpa - Kitkatcut1e

Excel Saga! - RoseRedFlower

One Punch Man

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