Top Ten Questions to Ask Anonymous Users of TheTopTens

This list is dedicated to our anonymous user friends (or the non-members). Anonymous users are free to comment here. Members comment only and only if necessary.

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1 How did you find this site?

I looked up "worst video games" found the list on this website, liked the website, and used it a lot. I've found a bunch of people I have in common with, mostly Sonic and Pokemon fans, and I'm probably gonna get an account soon.

I searched on Google top ten (I forgot what I was specifically searching for) and I stumbled upon this website.

Well, I was a user once, but I am coming back as anonymous user. I looked up most annoying songs.

I searched " happen to dora" and then I found this website. 8/31/2017 - Jay12

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2 What is your general opinion about the site: TheTopTens?

I think it's an incredible site with very creative and interesting lists and intelligent people who create those amazing lists and they really put effort into their work.

It's an okay website. I would make it more functional for sure, maybe make it easier to search up choices or look at them at a glance. It could be better. Right now it's fine.

Well my general opinion is it is a good site but some stuff are not true

It's awesome but some things are not true - venomouskillingmachine

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3 What type of lists do you like the most here?

Just the newest that catch my eye.

Mostly those about music, sometimes pop culture.

Music lists, Video game lists, Movie lists, etc - venomouskillingmachine

Video game lists.

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4 What is your opinion about the lists made here?

They're highly subjective (I mean, these are voted lists anyways). There are a lot of metal fans. I think the downside to the lists is that you can't really analyze a list unless many people have voted on it.

Mostly good but the Bieber jokes are not funny

They're really funny but I don't like it when other people critizize other nations, people, and religions in a negative way

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5 What is your favorite list?

"Top ten reasons why Sally Acorn is better than Amy Rose." Duh.

I don't know maybe best things to yell out in a crowd

Top ten best lists on TheTopTens - venomouskillingmachine

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6 Do you find the comments at TheTopTens humorous?

As long as they aren't particularly offensive.

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7 How many time on an average do you visit TheTopTens site per day?

As often as I can probably twice a week if I have the time.

Once, and I spend quite a few hours on it.

One time every day. I'm a busy person

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8 Who is your favorite TheTopTens user (or Top Tenner)?

I think that a lot of them are really clever but my favorite would probably be Britgirl.

PositronWildhawk, Turkeyasylum, SevenLIzards, MinecraftCrazy503 and some others. - RiverClanRocks

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9 Do you have any intention to register as a member here?

I would do this. Because if you have a lot of good material that wants to be recognised, nobody will know who you are, and keeping track of your work is harder. - PositronWildhawk

Yes but my mom wont allow me, saying that I'm not 13 (i'm 12) and therefore I can't join this website, even though I don't think there is an age limit

I haven't really thought about it. Maybe some day, I think it would be fun.

Totally! I'm gonna get an account soon.

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10 Do you find this list hilarious and extremely unnecessary?

Sorry if you found this list unnecessary. I sure do make unnecessary lists, right anonymous (whoever who added this item)? And my lists are definitely hilarious. Thanks for the compliment. - Kiteretsunu

I don't find this unnecessary. I find it interesting.

No. This is a great list to engage anonymous users!

It's the best list ever lol

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11 Do you like the music lists of TheTopTens?

Yes, I like most of them. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hate against electronic music genres.

Yeah, except the "top ten reasons why Justin Beiber/BOTDF/Insane Clown Posse is better than Led Zeppelin/The Beatles.

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