Top 10 Questions to Ask Blind Guardian Fans


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1 Your favorite Blind Guardian song?

Three way tie between And Then There Was Silence, Thorn and one of their more recent, The Throne. - IronSabbathPriest

A tie between Harvest of Sorrow, The Script for my Requiem and The Soulforged for me - filuxx_

2 Your favorite Blind Guardian album?

Night at the Opera, love the progressive sound and production improvements added to it. - IronSabbathPriest

3 Nightfall in Middle-Earth or At The Edge of Time?

I'd have to say Nightfall. I actually like the interludes (some complain about them). - IronSabbathPriest

4 Best Blind Guardian chorus?

The Throne, Majesty, Valhalla, Nightfall, Time What Is Time - Metal_Treasure

5 Your favorite album cover?

Memories Of A Time To Come (best of) - 2012.
I also made a list where you can see my preferences and explanations - Top Ten Most Beautiful Blind Guardian Album Covers - Metal_Treasure

6 Wheel of Time or Sacred Worlds?
7 You favorite line(s) from their lyrics?

"Nightfall quietly crept in and changed us all" - Nightfall
“I'm in flames 'cause I have touched the light” - Wheel Of Time
"In the silence it's time to explain (and) search for truth in lies" - Thorn
"Fool just another, fool just another... I've been waiting for signs of god" - Bright Eyes
"These lunatics deny the truth" - Sacred Worlds - Metal_Treasure

8 Mirror Mirror or Majesty?

For me - Majesty. - Metal_Treasure

9 What's the song with the best vocals?

I want to say Fly, because of how this could've fitted easily on one of their earlier albums. Hansi is that primed. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Nightfall or Thorn?

Thorn - filuxx_

The Contenders

11 What's the song with the best drumming?

I'd say Battlefield - filuxx_

12 Would Lord of the Rings fans love them?

I think they would because a lot of their lyrics are inspired by Tolkien.

13 Your favorite Blind Guardian member?
14 Their most beautiful song?

A Past and Future Secret or Theatre of Pain - filuxx_

15 Their fastest song?

Journey Through the Dark, Banish from Sanctuary, Guardian of the Blind, Majesty. - Metal_Treasure

16 Best song on Somewhere Far Beyond?

My top 3 from their 1992 album: Journey Through the Dark, Time What is Time, Theater of Pain.
And of course, The Bard's Song (In The Forest). - Metal_Treasure

17 Best song on Beyond the Red Mirror?

The Ninth Wave, The Throne, The Holy Grail, Grand Parade - Metal_Treasure

18 Best song on Nightfall in Middle-Earth?

A lot of good songs here - Thorn, Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill), Nightfall and the criminally underrated When Sorrow Sang! But Mirror Mirror takes the cake for the best one in my opinion - filuxx_

19 Best song on A Night at the Opera?

And Then There Was Silence, Battlefield, Age of False Innocence. - Metal_Treasure

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1. Your favorite Blind Guardian song?
2. Your favorite Blind Guardian album?
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