Top 10 Questions to Ask Certain TopTenners

The Top Ten Questions to Ask Certain TopTenners

1 Why did you think that being picked on for being ludicrously obsessed with Disney meant that you had the worst life ever? - Disney1994
2 Why do you want to literally crawl inside Toriel's, Alphys' and Um Jammer Lammy's heads, just to name a few, and have sex with their brains? - XanderMartin98
3 Why did you literally love Luigi and Sunny Leone more than your own mother and also hate Samus more than Satan himself back on your Danteem account? - Metts
4 Why do you openly worship Gligar13vids as your petulant Microsoft-fanboy god? - IkeRevievsAEBG
5 Why do you hate Lion King and Kingdom Hearts so much that you even have to go and actively ruin several of xandermartin98's lists with it? - DisneyHater1994

I happen to hate those two things, and no, my name isn't "DisneyHater1994" or anything like that. I'm just an anonymous user or guest who is only expressing my own opinions and making them known so everyone can be aware how awful and overrated those two things are. Not hurting anyone or anything.

6 Why do you think that Danny Phantom is the worst Nicktoon, let alone television show, ever created? - ChatNoirFan128
7 What is with your borderline fetish for accusing perfectly good users of all-style-and-no-substance stat-padding? - SkullKid755
8 On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you actually want to physically punch Danteem in the face when he made The Top 10 Reasons To Hate Christians? - GaryTheSnail
9 Why can you not decide your own opinions on things? Also, why do you utterly despise Finding Nemo and Zootopia so much? - VideoGameFan5
10 Why do you hate Queen so much? - AlphaQ

I think he hates Led Zeppelin more but I can understand hating them. Queen though I can’t really understand.

The Contenders

11 Why do basically all of your list remixes contain only one, two or three items? - ChatNoirFan128
12 Do you have a legit fart joke fetish or what? - Britgirl
13 What are you going to change your profile image to next? - HtOutlaws2012
14 Why do you have a Youtube channel that literally does the exact same thing as your TopTens account? - HtOutlaws2012
15 Why was Mario Kart 8's character roster such a massive deal to you? - VideoGameFan5
16 Who's your favorite Big Bang Theory character besides Sheldon? - PositronWildhawk
17 Why do you love Wario and Rosalina so much? - DCfnaf
18 Why the heck do you love Fuli and the rest of The Lion Guard so much? - Gabriola

Honestly, I know it's your opinion but TLG is a bad show and it's characters are awful, at least in my opinion.

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