Top 10 Questions to Ask Dragon Ball Fans

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1 Who are your favorite male characters?

Goku, dbs gogeta and broly

Goku himself - BorisRule

Chi-Chi and Bulma

Goku of course - BoyGenius234

2 Which story arc do you think is the best?

Majin Buu/Frieza, Baby/Shadow Dragon, and Universe 6/Goku Black Sagas

Frieza / Cell saga. - Goku02

So far the DBZS is good - Adventurur2

When bulma,gohan, and krillin went to space - BoyGenius234

3 Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z?

Both - BorisRule

Dragon Ball - RevolverOcelot

Dragpn ball z - BoyGenius234

Dragon ball z is good but I love me some dragon ball - Adventurur2

4 Who are your favorite female characters?

bulma - BoyGenius234

Android 18, Bulma (Dragon Ball), Chi Chi - Undistinguished

Bulma and Chi chi and whis's sister - Adventurur2

Pan ( Z and Super ), Bulma ( preferably in late DBZ ), Android #18, Videl. In that order. - Goku02

5 Who are your least favorite characters?

Krillin hands down

Chi-Chi, Mr. Satan ( I hate him less in Super ) and pure evil villains. - Goku02

Caulifla, hate her so much.

Chi Chi...

6 What are your favorite couples?

I'm not sure - BoyGenius234

Gohan and Videl, Vegeta and Bulma, Krillin and Android #18. In that order. - Goku02

Gohan and Videl. - Undistinguished

7 Who are your favorite villains?

Goku Black, any pure evil and Broly - BorisRule

Cooler, Omega Shenron, Janemba, maybe Broly, General Rilldo, Goku Black, etc

android 18 - BoyGenius234

Not pure evil? Then Vegeta, Piccolo, Android #18, Android #17, Android #16, Whis,...etc...
Pure evil? None. - Goku02

8 Who are the most useless characters?

chi-chi - BoyGenius234

The minor ones like Bulla, Marron, Maron, Shu,... They never do anything ( I don't hate them though ). - Goku02

Yamcha, Chiaotzu - Undistinguished

They are not that useless. They ARE helpful at times, especially in Dragon Ball and the early DBZ. - Goku02

9 What are your favorite Dragon Ball movies?

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan
Bojack Unbound
Fusion Reborn
Battle of Gods - Undistinguished

10 Which parts of the story were bad?

Most of GT (Except the Super Sayian 4 ones) - BorisRule

Most of GT, some of Super. In the canon series every single part is awesome. - Goku02

The entire of GT.

Most of GT - Undistinguished

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11 What is your favorite transformation?
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