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Tomboy or Princess

Both. I like makeup, MLP, and fashion, but also being outside, nature, and being dirty.

Definitely tomboy. I've never been fond of the whole dresses and skirts wardrobe. Also, I tend to have more guy stereotypical tendencies than girl ones. For example, weight lifting was my choice of elective last year instead of home-ec. I was the only girl in the class, and I honestly didn't mind. It was funny seeing the guys in shock of seeing a girl bench pressing so much weight!

I'd say Tomboy. I'm that reverse girl where as in I'm interested in the weirdness of boys and how goofy they are.

Tomboy, I act more like a tomboy and I would hate to be called a princess. No one calls me a princess or else!

Dating or Single

In a committed relationship with my phone. Sorry guys!

For right now single, my parents won't let me until 22, but I want to date at 19. Hopefully.

I must say I'm in madly love with My Family & With God

I am in a relationship with my people who is also called by you guys gadgets.

Favorite Music Genre (Pop, Country, Rock, Metal, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Etc)

Rock is my favourite. I like some pop, a little bit of country and metal, but I don't listen to the rest that you mentioned.

Christian rock and meaningful rap/hip hop.

Some pop, no country, yes rock, some metal, yes R&B, and some rap/hip hop.

Metal. My favorite subgenres are are Pirate Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, and Nu Metal

Dog or Cat

I love both, but I choose dogs.

Tie between both. I have many cats yet my favorite animal is a wolf...

-Blue fang

Dogs. Cats are cute too I'd just rather not own one.

Cats, but I love dogs, too.

Favorite Movie

I don't know, but I think the ones with action and battle fantasy

Every kind of movie for teenage girls.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

There are too many! The drama ones

Best Male User

No one's business.

Well My favorite knows better that He is My favorite, God bless you

Why is nobody answering this? Haha

I have an opinion on this, (I went on this site very often before I made an account) but I won't tell.

Favorite Sport

I've always been fond of falconry. There's just something about the thrill of hunting and training a raptor that gets to me.

Anything that doesn't have something to do with teamwork (tracking, single badminton, swimming, etc)

Football, Swimming, skateboarding, running...

Soccer, basketball, skating, and swimming.

Favorite Disney princess?

Merida and Moana followed by Mulan, though I suppose that’s Mulan and Moana aren’t really princesses

Favorite Type of Guy

Just someone’s who can make me laugh and understand that girls are human (not a lot of guys at my school do).

Protective, Caring, Respectful... Well, I just want someone who love me for who I'm someone who didn't want me to change & Trust me more than I trust on Myself

*Sigh* I'm getting too old to be fussy. Just someone who genuinely cares about me would be lovely.

Caring, not afraid to show his emotional side, funny, smart, and understanding. I don't care how the guy looks like, just as long as he has a good personality.

Hair Color

I have dirty blonde hair that is about shoulder length. On guys? Long and shaggy I don't care about colour.

Mine is very black. And oddly curly! On other girls? No real preference, but I lean towards short hair.

Long Dark brown hair with golden texture & have golden tip

Mine is back to black! Keeping the wallpaper though.

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Toy Story or Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is my favorite, I like Toy story too.

Both. Can't choose

Nemo all the way! -Blue fang

Finding nemo

Favourite TV show?
One Direction or Justin Bieber

I choose "or". Great artist, totally underrated. Should be on the radio more often

Neither. Lol, I dislike both of them, 1. I just don't like boy bands, 2. Justin Bieber is just... No.

One Direction. They aren't that great, but better than Justin.

One Direction, they're an okay music group.

What is your favourite colour?

Pastel Pink! Or black. Both very nice

Emma Roberts or Malese Jow?
Lorde or Elle King?

Lorde of course, Yellow Flicker Beat is way more better than Ex's and Oh's.

I love both. They are good for teens only. Dad doesn't like both...

Lorde I guess.

What is your favourite cartoon?

Camp Camp

Free People or Forever 21?

Forever 21

How old are you?

12 (sucks to be this age)

16 years old, had my birthday 2 days ago (Written during 30 September 2016).

12, going on 13.


Pop or rock?

Both, just both. I love those kind of music!

ROCK! But again, some pop are good

Rock, but I like pop, too.


Who's your favourite music artist?

Imagine dragons and Jeremy Renner (yes, he writes music)

I think that's obvious already.

Halsey AKA The Best Singer Ever Whose Concert I'm Going To In 4 Months 28 days (as of 01.31.18)

Girl Meets World or Fuller House?

That's an easy one. Girl Meets World.

Metal or pop?

BotI have to say pop because I don't know that many metal artists. I'm interested in metal, though.

Old pop. If you say ABBA, MJ, Elvis, Mariah, Celine, Madonna, Cyndi, Cher, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Prince, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles

METAL! But I like some pop too


Spicy or Juicy?

Spicy all the way!

Gay or straight?

How about Both

I’m bisexual/pansexual so I like all genders

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