Questions to Ask Girls' Generation (SNSD) About Their USA Tour

Girls' Generation is currently engaged in a USA tour. The US is definitely the main hotspot for cultural trends, and new territory for Asian and other Old World artists, writers, and music performers. I think it would be interesting to know what thoughts, feelings or impressions that the USA tour gave the SNSD members. What better way to know than to ask them some questions about their tour? If the questions are compelling enough and appropriate, maybe SNSD might respond.

The Top Ten Questions to Ask Girls' Generation (SNSD) About Their USA Tour

1 What are the most memorable moments on your trip?

When and where did you experience them?

2 What is your favorite city in America?

There might be different answers.

3 Were there any disappointments? If so, what were they?

I would like them to answer honestly but I don't think the managers would let them...

4 What is your favorite food in America?

This question might have multiple answers as well.

5 How did audiences receive your music? Did they seem to like K-Pop?
6 What was the most difficult part of travelling in a foreign country?
7 What goals did you have for your USA tour? Do you think you achieved them?
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