Top Ten Questions to Ask Male TopTenners

This is the male counterpart of Top Ten Questions To Ask Female TopTenners.
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1 Are you homosexual, bisexual, or transgender?

Is this asking if you are one of these things, or which of these you are (in which case you should include straight)?

I'm not completely gay or trans but I'm kinda 70/30 on the whole spectrum thing.

I am Openly/All Sexual.
I love every kind of person.

No, but I wholly support all those who are.

2 Are your fingers large?

I don't have fingers, but I do have claws, they are pretty big.

Fingers? No. My hands are a different story, though.

I haven't checked in a while.

3 Are you sexist?

I would say definitely not, and I'm honestly proud of being socially acceptable to everyone, whether they're LGBTQ or anything like that! I don't judge! (unless you either A. Hate sloths, B. Have murdered people, C. are a certain person called Donald Trump, D. are a rapist, or E. ARE sexist)

No, and I don't think anyone here really is. Feminazis are quick to call men sexist for the dumbest reasons. But in today's world you can't say or do anything without offending someone.

No. But I do think there are specific things that men do better than women and vice versa.

Kinda, I like talking to girls a lot more than boys in some cases... so if that counts, yeah

4 Do you play video games?

Never understood the appeal for video games. I like FIFA and Mario games, but that's it.

Oh man, I'm a big fan of classic sci-fi video games like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Halo and more games like that...

Sometimes, but not that often unlike the other gamers here.

Yes. I have a lot of Mario games. Got Minecraft, Roblox, etc.

5 Do you go to the gym?

I work out, if that's what you're wondering. Not at a gym though.

No, but I still exercise.

No. These are perverted

6 Favourite female user?

I don't know actually. Can't say I pay much attention to the community, honestly.

Hate to sound like a broken record here, but probably Britgirl.

Eh, as far as favorite female user goes I'd probably say TwilightKitsune.

Britgirl. Honorable mentions are Idkcats, Marella, UltraLunalaX, Yoshiandaglover etc. One thing they have in common is that they are very nice

7 Are you a virgin?

Yes, and will probably die one, too.

8 Favorite band?

Amon Amarth is my favorite band.

If you know me well enough, you'll probably know. But I will hold on hope, and I won't let you choke, on that noose around your neckā€¦

Really, if they peaked before I was born, it's very likely that I'm a fan

9 Do you have abs?

Hahaha, everyone has abs, just not stuff like a 6 pack, or abs that bulge under the skin.

I would say I have abs (seeable), though not one of those crazy six packs. Yet.

No and I don't want to. I rather have a very slim feminine body, tyvm.

No, but don't have flab either.

10 Are you gay?

People think I'm gay for some reason but I'm actually 100% straight.

I am leaning towards gay but I am a chill bisexual.

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11 What kind of lists do you make?

I would say that I might actually have the most diverse range of lists, whether it's a unique miscellanous one, animal, people, movies, companies/products, or sports. I have a featured list in almost every category, so I don't think I stray to one side only

I make music, wrestling, and video game lists. Before I retire or something, I want to get at least 1 or 2 in every big category.

All sorts, actually. But, since that I have a passion for movies, I want my content to be focused on movie "related" lists.

Mostly music, but I also have a bunch of miscellaneous lists and people lists. A little bit of everything, I guess.

12 Do you like Mean Girls?

It's a pretty decent film, the sequel sucked however.

A surprisingly pleasant, campy movie.

The movie, or actual mean girls?

In either context, no.

13 Favorite movies?

Scream, P2, Halloween Resurrection, The SpongeBob Movie 1 and 2 and that as about it. Jurassic World too.

And some Godzilla movies. Ex: final wars, Tokyo S.O.S, Space Godzilla and destroy all monsters.

Just The Mask. Not a massive fan of movies

I really don't have a favorite movie.

14 Favorite songs?

Right now I'm really into "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and "N.S.U." by Cream. Also "Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers, "Walking Alone" and "The Grouch" by Green Day, "Love Me Two Times" by the Doors, and "Icky Thump" by the White Stripes.

My music taste varies a lot. I don't have a favorite song/artist, but I like music from video games, classical, and progressive rock.

Lush Life, Nothing Breaks Like A Heart, Up The Junction, the chorus of DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again, and anything by Mumford & Sons and Avicii. I especially like EDM and Indie Pop.

Many songs but probably Master of Puppets, The Trooper.

15 Do you like The Clash?

Random question, but yes. I love The Clash. They are The Rolling Stones of Punk. (Since The Ramones are probably The Beatles of Punk.) My favorite song is The Guns Of Brixton.

Absolutely. They are a great band. My favorite song of theirs is probably "Complete Control".

If you don't like The Clash... there's a door somewhere in which you may exit

They're a pretty decent band, not gonna lie.

16 Favourite thing about TheTopTens?

Just the variety. I mean, there's a lot of lists about books and animals and food and even TTT itself. Don't JUST look at the advertised lists.

The community and its support for my blog posts and other content.

Mainly the community aspect of it. I love meeting new people!

Making lists, messaging my friends/followers, and remixing.

17 Single, taken or crushing?

Taken, It's weird how I'm always Taken but my relationships never seem to last long.

Single, honesty I don't know what to expect in a relationship, 'cause I've never been in one so lel.

Taken. Me and the German teacher. But the English teacher's fit too. Hm.

I am Single. Being in a Relationship is not a top priority right now.

18 How tall are you?

Five foot six.

19 Do you workout?

See "Do you go to the gym?" if you want an answer.

20 How heavy are you?

I actually checked this yesterday. I'm 153 pounds.

I weigh about 90

I'm about 4 pounds don't worry I can lift weights as long as they're under 4 pounds

21 Do you like Warrior Cats?

No. I tried when I was about 10, but no.

22 What's it like to get kicked in the testicles?

I've never been kicked, but I've got footballs hit there at full speed.

Never experienced it, never will in the further future.

Never Experienced this. But it would be really Painful.

It's very painful.

23 Favorite TV shows?

Futurama, South Park, Blaze Monster Truck, Mandy Handy, Transformers Rescue Bots, Rescuers Heroes, Magic School Bus, Wallyakazam, PAW Patrol, Johnny Test, Teen Titans Go, Flash, Turbo Dogs, and Miles From Tomorrowland.

Mostly cartoons, I prefer the old ones than the newer ones. The newer ones are just recycled piece of trash turned into a more bigger piece of trash.

Mostly cartoons like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. I also catch myself watching HGTV but I don't why. I don't usually watch T.V., though

Family guy, south park, Bob's burgers, that's about it I don't really watch much T.V.

24 Do you masturbate?

I don't. I find the concept of getting nude to do whatever is weirder than the fact that women don't know how painful a kick to the nuts is.

Umm yea we all do.

25 Favourite music artists?

Basically, if they were popular when your parents (or in some cases grandparents) were young, I like them. Every modern artist sucks big time if you ask me.

My favorites are the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Queen, David Bowie, and Black Sabbath.

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