Top Ten Questions to Ask People About Dogs

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1 Labrador Retriever Or Golden Retriever?

Both are great. But since I've had golden retrievers as my pets for years now, I'll prefer them to labs. - LightningBlade

Golden Retrievers, mainly because they're cuter and fluffier.

2 German Shepherd Or Beagle?

German Shepherd obviously. They're great in all respects. - LightningBlade

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3 Husky Or Border Collie?

Huskies, but Border Collies are nice, too.

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4 Pitbull Or Rottweiler?

It's a tough one. Both are playful, loyal and protective, and would make a much loved member of the family. But as my ADORABLE dog is part Rottweiler, I may be biased in that favour. - PositronWildhawk

The Pitbull is a underrated breed but I still in love with the Rottweilers

Both are aggressive. I'd prefer a Rottweiler. My neighbor actually has a rottweiler, a well trained one. - LightningBlade

Pitbull is very strong and good fighter

5 Pug Or English Bulldog?

Pug! They're adorable. I know all about their breathing problems - but hey, what can I do?

6 Collie Or Dalmatian? V 1 Comment
7 Boxer Or Great Dane?

Boxers every single day - ryanrimmel

8 Chihuahua Or Jack Russell Terrier?

Do you mean the Jack Russell or the Russell Terrier? They're different.

9 Cocker Spaniel Or Poodle? V 1 Comment
10 Australian Shepherd Or St. Bernard? V 1 Comment

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11 Bulldog or French Bulldog? V 1 Comment
12 Papillon or Newfoundland V 1 Comment
13 Maltese or Poodle?
14 Finnish Lapphund or Finnish Hound?
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