Top Ten Questions to Ask People About Queen

Whether you're a super fan, or just getting into them (like me) feel free to add what you think to these questions, and add your own questions if you wish!

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1 Favorite member of Queen?

Freddie, but all of them are great - SirSheep

Freddie, but Roger for looks (wowzers). - Misfire

The icon himself! FREDDIE

Freddie. What a voice! - Britgirl

2 Do you think "Bohemian Rhapsody" is their best song?

I've no idea. I think it's a competition between that song or The March of the Black Queen. - Misfire

Yes, but it's close - SirSheep

No. The winner is "Somebody to love".

It's extremely catchy, and yes I do like it, but for me, Fat Bottomed Girls is my go-to Queen song. - Britgirl

3 Favorite song by Queen?

Seven Seas Of Rhye,
All Dead, All Dead,
Dragon Attack
These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Ogre Battle
Love Of My Life - xXEnglishGothXx

Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, The March of the Black Queen, Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy... There's a lot to list! - Misfire

Bohemian Rhapsody - DrayTopTens

Innuendo, Don't stop me now, Breakthru, I'm going slightly mad, Show must go on, Somebody to love, I want to break free

4 How did you find out about Queen?

I was watching this show where people act as the music artist given to them, and the performer got Freddie Mercury. So, yeah. He sang Bohemian Rhapsody and I loved it. I asked my dad for more songs by them and I loved them as well! I was also surprised that a lot of the songs I've heard from the radio are actually by Queen! - Misfire

I learned about them from TheTopTens. When I first made my account, I don't think I knew what Queen was. One day, I found Freddie Mercury as #1 on the best singers list. So, I searched his name up so I could listen to one of his songs. I found out that he was a part of Queen. I listened to Bohemian Rhapsody and it was heavenly. - DrayTopTens

The radio - SirSheep

My mum got me into them! - Userguy44

5 Bicycle Race or Fat Bottomed Girls?

Fat bottomed girls - SirSheep

Bicycle race! - Misfire

FBG. Catchy, Great Lyrics, Fun! - xXEnglishGothXx

How many more times do I have to say this, hmm? Read my words very carefully... Fat. Bottomed. Girls.
"Get on your bikes and ride! " - Britgirl

6 Favorite music video?

I Want to Break Free because it's funny. - Misfire

I’m Going Slightly Mad,
Radio Gaga
I Want To Break Free - xXEnglishGothXx

The Show Must Go On. Also These are the days of our lives, Innuendo, Bohemian Rhapsody, Play The Game, I Want To Break Free and Breakthru. - Userguy44

The Show Must Go On - iliekpiez

7 Favorite album?

A night at the Opera. - SirSheep

Queen II, And News Of The World. A Night At The Opera close. - xXEnglishGothXx

A Night At the Opera - iliekpiez

Innuendo - Userguy44

8 Favorite era of Queen?

The 70's and early 80's. - MontyPython

Every year - ThePerson

Early 70s, Most 70s - xXEnglishGothXx

The 70s - iliekpiez

9 Bohemian Rhapsody or The Show Must Go On?

The Show Must Go On! - xXEnglishGothXx

Ooh...umm...ahh...err... The Bohemian Rhapsody Show Must Go On... That answer your question? - Britgirl

Bohemian Rhapsody - iliekpiez

The Show Must Go On! It's epic. - Userguy44

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10 Most emotional vocal performance from Freddie?

Love Of My Life
Dear Friends
The Show Must Go On
I Was Born To Love You - xXEnglishGothXx

Love of my life or the show must go on - SirSheep

Ah, one question I can answer without rolling my eyes around in indecision and looking rather stupid. The Show Must Go On IS Freddie's finest vocal moment: emotional and powerful. Wonderful! - Britgirl

The Show Must Go On - iliekpiez


The Contenders

11 Don't Stop Me Now or I Want It All?

Don't Stop Me Now. I Want It All is a good song too, though. - Misfire

I Want It All. The vocals are kickass. - xXEnglishGothXx

Don't Stop Me Now - SirSheep

Don't Stop Me Now - iliekpiez

12 Favorite solo career?

I liked Roger’s. It was fun, haha. - xXEnglishGothXx

13 Most beautiful song?

Love Of My Life...Dear Friends...These Are The Days Of Our Lives,

But the #1 has to be Brian’s All Dead, All Dead. - xXEnglishGothXx

Bohemian Rhapsody - iliekpiez

Love Of My Life. I can't describe how much I love it! - Userguy44

Thank God It's Christmas. - Metal_Treasure

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14 Worst song?

Fat Bottom Girls. - I80

Don't try Suicide - iliekpiez

Um. Lol. Uuuum. I’m not sure. Get down, make love, XDDD - xXEnglishGothXx

Delilah. - Userguy44

15 Favorite metal song?

Queen has metal songs? - DrayTopTens

Stone Cold Crazy you know! - Userguy44



16 Most talented member?

All four of them - DrayTopTens

Them all. There is no competition between the four boys. - xXEnglishGothXx

All of them - SirSheep

Freddie Mercury - iliekpiez

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17 Most underrated member?

Deacon - SirSheep

Deaky. :( he deserved more, but I respect his privacy completely. - xXEnglishGothXx

Deacy. He was a great bass player and he wrote some great songs. He should be appreciated more. - Userguy44

Freddie! Haha :D - Britgirl

18 Somebody To Love or I Want to Break Free?

Too difficult - SirSheep

Somebody To Love. - xXEnglishGothXx

I want To Break Free - iliekpiez

I want to break free - ThePerson

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19 What's Brian's best guitar riff?

Hammer To Fall, Stone Cold Crazy, Liar, - xXEnglishGothXx

Hammer to Fall - SirSheep

For me, it's Hammer to Fall. That riff is so solid. - Gg2000

Stone Cold Crazy. - Userguy44

20 What was the first Queen song you heard?

Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, and Another One Bites The Dust. I forgot which one I heard first. - DrayTopTens

I'm not sure. Maybe We Will Rock You? - Misfire

We Will Rock You - SirSheep

Apparently. It was Bohemian Rhapsody. - Userguy44

21 What's their best song from the 1980s?

I like Breakthru. It’s energetic and fun to sing along to. - xXEnglishGothXx

I personally enjoy "Is This The World We Created? "; its such a beautiful acoustic ballad, short but straight to the point. - Gg2000

22 Favorite live album?

Live at the Rainbow '74. That was a solid concert. - Gg2000

The Rainbow, man! Roger’s falsetto, Brian’s screaming guitar, Freddie’s amazing vocals and beautiful bass from John! It surely is the best. - xXEnglishGothXx

23 A Night At the Opera or A Day At the Races?

A Night at the Opera! - Misfire

A Night At the Opera - iliekpiez

A Day At The Races is a winner. - Britgirl

A Night At the Opera, but I really dig A Day at the Races too. - Gg2000

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24 Under Pressure Or I Want To Break Free?

I want to break free - SirSheep

25 Queen (Album) or Queen II?
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