Top 10 Questions to Ask Rosalina

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1 Can you pwn Elsa for us?

Look, Super Mario Galaxy 1 was released in 2007 and Frozen 1 was released in 2013. So Disney ripped off Nintendo.

Rosalina: Sure, before we kill Elsa, I watched Frozen but I didn't actaully like it how she is a rip off of me.

If Rosalina's first appearance is in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy is released before Frozen how is Rosalina a ripoff of Elsa? - soulard

Own Elsa for us in one of the games

2 How many lumas do you have?

Rosalina has like A Lot of Lumas. I say that she has 9 quadrillion Lumas (That's a lot! )

3 Why do you appear in everything now?

Rosalina: It's because Nintendo has a character roster where they put me in games

4 Do you have your own theme song?

I'm glad that Rosalina doesn't have a theme song. If it did, it would sound terrible.

Rosalina: Well, no I don't have my own theme song. I will love if Nintendo made me my own theme song I think it'll be a cute song for you and my Lumas singing.

5 What do you look like with inverted colors?

I may be terrifying if you invert the colors on me. My Dress color will turn to red or orange, my skin will be dark navy (Hey Listen! ) so does my hair, my eye color will be dark red. Yes, I've heard of invert colors

If you have an invert color system, You'll look at Rosalina with inverted colors

6 Why are you the most overrated Mario character of all time?

Rosalina: It's because I am the only hottest Mario Character and everybody likes (or hate) hot people. I have dozens of Lumas and do you think that they are cute and I own a galaxy, The Observatory!

That's Waluigi - hunnyqueen09

I should have picked this option - WendyIsQueen

Rosalina is not the only hot maeio character! She was never hot, Peach is!

7 Can you beat up JB in 1 hit?

Rosalina: Yes, yes I can because Nintendo chooses me to be with the strong Mario characters. I am powerful but not powerful than Chunky Kong. I'll do my Luma Launch at JB

Obviously! Even peach could do it - RockStarr

Please somebody kill Justin

8 Why are you taller than Peach?

Rosalina: It's because of Nintendo choosing the height which doesn't mean I rip off Peach.

9 Are you cute Rosalina?

Rosalina: I am sometimes cute but Peach decides herself to be the cutest princess in the Mario series but with the Princess Peach haters, they say that Peach is not cute but Peach is still trying hard to be cute

Cuter than Daisy

Princess Peach is cute, and Rosalina is ugly.


10 What's 9 plus 10

19! 19! IT'S 19 IDIOT

Rosalina: We all know this unreal math and kids say that 10 plus 9 equals 19 but the Unreal math is actaully a meme, I know memes and this meme says, "10 + 9 = 21"

( I don't know if 10 + 9 = 21 is a meme, I am just asking )

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11 Do you prefer daisy or peach?

Rosalina says:Daisy of course!

12 Are you secretly in love with Yoshi?

This guy is a genius! Just type in Yoshi and Rosalina? on Google search and u will find the answer. LOL!

Type in Yoshi and Rosalina and see images of them romantically involved. There's even a fanfiction about them 0_0

13 Do people like your biker suit in the MK series?

Rosalina: Sometimes. Well I think so.

14 Why do you replace Daisy in everything?!

Shut up troll and get your butt off the toptens

15 Have you been to Star Haven?
16 Are you in love with Yoshi?
17 Do you have any kids?
18 Are you gay?
19 Can you get rid of all aggressive Peach and Daisy fans?

I want all you Rosalina haters to get off this list. The only reasons you hate her is becuase she is in games and is in smash and not daisy. You also think she is a peach clone. I am not a stupid person, I just want the hate to stop! And anyway how is Rosalina a rip off of elsa if Mario Galexy came out 7 years before frozen! Elsa is a ripoff of Rosalina!

20 Can you kill Pink Gold Peach and Baby Peach for us?

Rosalina says she will cause she hates the peach clones and peach

21 Do you like Yoshi?
22 Can you get rid of Nicki Minaj?

She’s horrible. Please make her disappear.

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