Questions to Ask Spyro the Dragon Fans

As you can probably tell by now, I am one of those people to ask a ton of questions, (Yes, I’m fully aware of how awkward I am...) so here is a list of things to ask Spyro fans for both classic and legend fans.

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1 Favourite classic Spyro game?

Ripto's Rage - codgtamk34

Year of the Dragon - kempokid

Mine would probably be “Year of the Dragon”. - 3DG20

2 Favourite Legend of Spyro game?

Dawn of the Dragon, haven't played the others - codgtamk34

Vijay sanket ka nam hi vijay ha wo india ko vijay banay ga

Dawn of the Dragon - kempokid

€�Dawn of the Dragon” by a long shot. - 3DG20

3 Favourite classic Spyro character?

Hero: Hunter
Villain: Ripto - codgtamk34

I've always enjoyed Hunter, he's the perfect amount of stupid to be funny without being annoying - kempokid

4 Favourite Legend of Spyro character?

I liked Sparx in “A New Beginning”. - 3DG20

5 Originals or The Legend of Spyro?

Originals. I saw them first and Spyro looks the coolest and most confident in those games.

Originals - codgtamk34

I much prefer the collectathon style of the originals - kempokid

Probably “The Legend of Spyro”. - 3DG20

6 This Broken Soul (the credit song from The Eternal Night) or Guide You Home (The credit song from Dawn of the Dragon)?

€�This Broken Soul”. - 3DG20

7 Would you be happy if they suddenly brought the Spyro movie back into development?

Honestly I don't know. We had the Ratchet and Clank movie and it was terrible - codgtamk34

Not at all, they should leave video game movies alone - kempokid

I wouldn’t care all that much to be honest. - 3DG20

8 Favourite actor/actress from the original 5?

Either Tom Kent as Spyro, or whoever voiced hunter in Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon - kempokid

Probably Tom Kenny who voiced Spyro in “Ripto’s Rage/Gateway To Glimmer”, “Year of the Dragon” and “Enter the Dragonfly”. - 3DG20

9 Favourite actor/actress from The Legend of Spyro?

David Spade who voiced Sparx in “A New Beginning”. - 3DG20

10 Favourite breath in The Legend of Spyro?

Ice would probably be mine. - 3DG20

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1. Favourite classic Spyro game?
2. Favourite Legend of Spyro game?
3. Favourite classic Spyro character?
1. Favourite classic Spyro game?
2. Favourite classic Spyro character?
3. Favourite Legend of Spyro game?


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