Best Questions to Ask TheTopTens Users About Sonic the Hedgehog Games

I mean the game series, not comics and tv series or...

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1 Classic/Modern Sonic?

In my opinion, they don't have differences a lot. Be logical and tell me if they really look that different or not! - ShahryRKnoT

Don’t care, as long as it’s good. - Ultron123

2 Sonic/Shadow?

I like sonic more than shadow. - ShahryRKnoT

Shadow's my favorite, but I still love Sonic.

Shadow, but it’s only by a little. - Ultron123

3 Sonic/Jet the Hawk?

Sonic. Is Jet even around anymore? - Ultron123

I really hate jet! - ShahryRKnoT

4 Rock and Metal/Pop and Rap (Which One Do You Prefer for the Games)?

I love them all.

Rock and Metal - Fretto

Just compare What I'm Made Of with His World or Endless Possibilties! Crush' recorded songs rocks! (their live performances are really awful! ) - ShahryRKnoT

5 Tails/ Eggman (Which One is More Intelligent)?

Eggman makes huge fortresses and lots of various robots and machines but tails overcomes eggman in the Lost World game. - ShahryRKnoT

Tails built a machine that can circle the earth on half a jar of kosher pickles all while fighting robots. Need I say more?

The user here - Fretto

Tails. - Ultron123

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6 Modern/Classic Games?
7 Black Doom/ Mephiles/ Chaos/ Biolizard (Finalhazard)/ Metal Sonic/ Deadly 6?

A tie between Mephiles and Metal Sonic. - Ultron123

Mephiles is so wise that his enemy(sonic) doesn't even see him(sonic sees him in the future while sonic doesn't know him at all)! So I say "mephiles". - ShahryRKnoT

8 E-102 Gamma/ E-123 Omega?

Omega! He rocks!

9 Sonic '06/ Shadow (Which One is Worse)?

I (honestly) think both games are halfway decent but 06 is worse. - Ultron123

06 by a landslide.

10 Don't You Just Hate It When Sonic Can't Swim and Would Drown If You Don't Get Enough Air Bubbles?

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11 Cream / Charmy/ Elise/ Big/ Maria (Which One Do You Hate More)?

Between Charmy and Elise, I have to say Elise.

ELISE! And I actually like Big the Cat, nyah!

Me? Charmy bee! - ShahryRKnoT

A three way tie between Charmy, Elise and Big. Maria isn’t that big of a pest and I personally like Cream’s innocence. - Ultron123

12 Favorite Sonic Shipping?

Silver x Blaze is my favorite shipping. Don’t judge me. - Ultron123

Sonaze (Sonic/Blaze), Sonamy (Sonic/Amy), Sonouge (Sonic/Rouge), Shadouge (Shadow/Rouge), Knuckles x Master Emerald (LOL! ), Taismo (Tails/Cosmo) and Tailooey (Tails/Zooey).

13 Hated or Least Favorite Sonic Shipping?

Definitely Taiream (Tails/Cream) and crossover shippings. They are the worst in my opinion.

14 Your Opinion on Sonic Mania?

It is awesome.

15 Your Opinion on Sonic Forces?

I love how you can make your own custom character in this.

It’s overhated. It’s step in the right direction and I say it’s a 8/10.Nowhere as good as Mania but still a good Sonic game. - Ultron123

16 Your Favorite Sonic TV Show?

It is a tie between AoStH and Sonic X for me.

17 Do You Want Characters Other Than Sonic (I.E. Tails, Knuckles) to Be Playable in More Sonic Games Besides the Hedgehog Himself?
18 Favorite Zone(s) in the Classic Sonic Games?
19 Favorite Shield?
20 What Do You Think is the Best Question to Ask TheTopTens Users About Sonic the Hedgehog Games?
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