Top Ten Questions to Ask Tigerstar from Warriors

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21 How does it feel that Brambleclaw (Your son)It's Squirrelflight's mate? (Firestar's daughter)
22 Do you like Brokenstar?
23 Did you know about the dark forest before you were killed? If not, would you have done things differently? V 1 Comment
24 How do you choose what cats train in the Dark Forest?

Tigerstar: I look at cats who have not been paid attention to through their lives and are unhappy.

25 Why did you become leader of ShadowClan?
26 May I interest you in physical therapy?
27 Did you ever truly love Sasha, or were you just wanting some mating?

Tigerstar: I guess I was fond of her in the mate-like way for a bit, but when she refused to join me just because I planned to take over the forest, I realized she was too soft and would always be a kittypet.

28 How did you feel when Firestar killed you in the Dark Forest/StarClan/living cats battle?

Tigerstar: Furious and humiliated that I, the greatest cat that was ever put into the Clans, had been shown up by a stinking kittypet! I would have murdered him brutally back if he hadn't given the death blow first!

29 How did you feel when Bluestar made Firestar/Fireheart deputy?
30 What are your opinions of the clans? What is your fave?

Bluestar: Tigerstar, if you have feelings for ThunderClan, I will allow you into StarClan!

31 How did you feel when you saw Firestar die from the lightning?

Tigerstar: Well, I may have... just a tad bit involved with the lighting...

Firestar: Seriously?!

Tigerstar: Now you fell my pain, you snitch! Mwahahah!

32 Do you think Mapleshade is hot?

Tigerstar: Oh, yes, she's hot.
Mapleshade: You love me then?
Tigerstar: Yeah, baby, let's go now and have some pleasure...
Mapleshade: Yes, Tigerstar, you nice boy. Let's go and I'll tempt you to mate with me...
Tigerstar: *Purr*

Tigerstar: NO! I already have a mate!

Mapleshade: So, you have feelings for me? Come on, let's go make some... evil kits!

Tigerstar: No! NO! StarClan, help me!

33 Would you enjoy putting every cat in the forest in danger?

Tigerstar: Oh, yes...

34 Do you care about Hawkfrost?

Tigerstar: He serves me well, unlike Bamblestar! Should have been HawkSTAR! But noo, Firestar has to put my own son, on his side! Bramblestar, don't listen to a KITTYPET!

Bramblestar: I can choose who I want to listen to, and when I listen to you, you try to kill Firestar!

Hawkfrost: Bro, kittypets are weird. Tigerstar is a cool dude.

Bramblestar: Why are you talking like a gangster?

Hawkfrost: Mapleshade screwed up my voice, yo.

35 Do you have feelings for any cat?

Tigerstar: I do, but not for mouse-brained twolegs!

36 How would you feel if you played a game called: Five nights at Firestar's?

Tigerstar: That would be the death of me. I can't stand that piece of fox dung! Every time I hear his name I rage, because you twolegs don't understand how much I hate him!

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