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1 Tom or Jerry?

They are both great characters so I can't decide which one. - cosmo

This question is darning me. Both are cool.

Definitely Tom, he's cool and funny. - Bruno2202

Both - Ananya

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2 Superman or Batman?


Batman. - catwalk

3 Oggy or Spongebob?

(Old) SpongeBob.

4 Dora or Doraemon?


5 Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson?

Another really hard one but I choose Homer. - cosmo

Bugs Bunny.

6 Nobita or Kiteretsu?

Don't know either so I don't know.

7 Pink Panther or Sylvester?

Sylvester he was more entertaining.

8 Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Donald Duck.

9 Ben Tennyson or Gwen Tennyson?

Ben but Gwen's not bad either.

10 Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson?

Homer Simpson at least he isn't a jackass like Peter in the later seasons.

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11 Road Runner or Sonic?

Sonic because I have too many good memores of Sonic X I used to watch that show when I was little the mid 2000's a decade I'll never forget.

12 Steven Universe or Teen Titans Go?


13 Maleficent or Ursula?


14 Elmo Or Barney?


15 Ladybug Or Cat Noir?
16 Randy Cunningham Or Howard Weinerman?
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1. Tom or Jerry?
2. Superman or Batman?
3. Oggy or Spongebob?
1. Oggy or Spongebob?
2. Tom or Jerry?
3. Dora or Doraemon?
1. Tom or Jerry?
2. Superman or Batman?
3. Bugs Bunny or Homer Simpson?



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