Iron Man vs Batman

iliekpiez These are two iconic superheroes, and people sometimes do not realise their simarlities. There is some but also there is also some differences as well. Iron Man was underrated while Batman was Batman. At least til Iron Man (2008). I will compare them based on attributes and how they compare against each other.

1) Tony Stark vs Bruce Wayne

Tony Stark: Tony Stark is a multi millionaire playboy who lost his parents. He is head of Stark Industries and became Iron Man after being trapped by terroists and trying to stop manufacturing his weapons. He tells everyone that he is Iron Man. This is a very extroverted person, he is confident. But yet, he is such a good character even without the Iron suit. He is entraining, he does have heart. I will use this example in CA: CR, where he did show more struggle and releasing he was having to beat up his best friend, making him an interesting character. He does have an actual bond with Pepper and Maria Hill, making him even more interesting. This is an identity people only the Hulk could challenge with their personality and their character.

Bruce Wayne: Bruce Wayne saw his parents die in an alleyway, after being scared of a play. This is extremely interesting and see how it actually shapes him as a whole and we do see that. He has a connection with Alfred, it is a genuine connection. He is Batman because he wanted to. This is like in Wonder Woman (2017) when we see a woman fighting just because she wanted to help people. That is completely in that spirit and really helps him be a much better character and is critical to it. He is CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and even without the suit he is still a very good character. I like his connections with people, they are really good connections as a whole. He also does not tell anyone that he is Batman, making it more of a Batman spirit.

Conclusion: These are both some of the best comic book secret identities, with both having great personalities and writing in their characters, film and comic. However, what gives Bruce the edge, is that he has a more tragic personality and it makes it even better when he becomes Batman, as was scared of them. Tony did because he got attacked by some random guys who had guns.
Winner: Bruce Wayne
Score: Batman 1-Iron Man 0

2) The rogue galleries
Iron Man: This is a character with a vast range of villains. We have Iron Monger, a fellow weapons manufacturer who wants the weapons industry to continue with even more power. We also have Justin Hammer, also a fellow weapons manufacturer with more menace than you might think. We then also have Mandrin. By far the best villain. I mean wow, since his first appearance in the comics he was destined to be the arch nemesis of Iron Man. He has the conquer spirit, the best one maybe in Comic Books. He has great schemes like stealing weapons, seeming a very common theme in this sector of a Rogues Gallery in comics, he has the personality to make him a phenomenal villain. The last we are going to explore is Fin Fang Foom. He is nothing like the others a giant alien monster, but he is not a guy who would side with his villains. This makes him a menacing comic book villain, a good one at the very least.

Batman: Holy Jesus. SO MUCH!!. We have the Joker, who has the mechanical schemes and knows exactly how to get Batman, and does many horrible things. I love his schemes, I love his portrayal in the Dark Knight, as a menacing yet very clever man. I love how insane he is, I just adore it. However, we not only have the Joker, we also many others. One of these is The Riddler. This a very clever man, who should be played in the movies by Jessie Eisenberg, (if they want the Riddler in there of course). You love seeing his riddles, you love how clever he actually is, his intellect may actually be stronger than Wayne's. He is also insane and is great fun to see. We also have tragic villains in Gotham. One of these is Mr. Freeze. This is a man who just wants to save his wife and is struck down by a company and starts crime in Gotham. He is tragic, and at times you want to see what this man will do and how far he will go. This gives a the Rogues Gallery a tragic side as well.

Conclusion: While both have a colourful gallery, is there really any question? I mean really wow. No question what so ever who has the better rogues gallery. Iron Man. Lol no just kidding it is obviously Batman. There is so many great villains in Gotham that most people would lose count after about 10101010. No question who is the winner, any superhero would struggle to battle with his Rogues Gallery.
Winner: Batman
Score: Batman 2-Iron Man 0

3) The characters in the movies.
Iron Man: Ever since the MCU started, this is a person who went a not that well known superhero, through awareness of him being through the roof. A man who started off the MCU, and also that it was of a new beginning of a character. He is now one of iconic characters Marvel has to offer. His character itself in the MCU, is a legendary character. This a man whose is many's favourite character in the MCU, even though that is clearly wrong that is Captain America, (I mean obviously) but still is a phenomenal character in his own right. It was surprising how good that movie turned out to be. This is also boosted, by his now well-known actor, Robert Downey Jr. There is no other person for the role of Tony Stark. No other person could be him, he is the icon of the Iron Man without the suit. This is a character which shall remembered for many years to come.

Batman: This character is very mixed in the movies. In the 1966 version, he is 1960s Batman. He is fun to watch, but comparing to Iron Man, is not nearly as good. We then had the Batman movie (1989) in which the true phenomenal character which we know today. This a guy who was truly in the spirit of the character, with the best superhero movie actor, Michael Keaton. (I mean duh). In Batman Returns, we saw Batman in even more depth and how he cares about not killing people. In Batman Forever, he was atrocious just like that movie. BUT THEN. BUT THEN. Batman and Robin fight over a girl. He is a a**hole in that movie! He has a girlfriend! Come on. Then we had him in the DK trilogy, a truly phenomenal character, who saw struggle and fear in. Then however, the DCEU exists. BVS, he was a hypocrite, he fought Superman for those reasons. In Justice League, he told people who he was! NO NO NO. NO NO NO NO. There. Bad character already.

Conclusion; What I will compare, with the confident movies whose directors knew what they were doing. And surprisingly, I am going to go with Iron Man. I always have fun seeing him on screen, and sometimes that is better than a complex character, as movies like TNBC have shown us. However, these are things some superheroes can only dream of however. So they both get good marks, but also structurally Iron Man wins. But that is kinda unfair in a sense.
Score: Batman 2-Iron Man 1

Iron Man: He has a sidekick, his best friend James. Rhodes (War Machine). This is no question one of the best sidekicks in comic books. They are not that many good ones though. He does have genuine connection with Tony, and also like Tony is a good character in movie form. They do make him interesting in Iron Man 2. However, he is simply a "good" character and probably deserves the popularity he receives. Therefore, he does not particularly stand out among comic book characters as a whole. Good but, not very good.
Batman: Who doesn't know Batman' main sidekick? There are 4 robins. We have the first one and the best one D*ck Grayson, what a great name who had a argument with Batman and has a great backstory, as the Flying Graysons were murdered. The Second Robin, Jason Todd was not as interesting before his presumed death and returned as The Red Hood, one of the best ant-heroes and oddly enough making him more interesting. We also have Tim Drake, (Red Robin) who also got replaced and retied as Robin. He was ok. Not good, but OK. We then have the final Robin (Damien Wayne). Who died. I would say the most underrated Robin as I did like seeing him struggle.
Conclusion: I think that there should be no debate over this. Nightwing alone is better than WM and so is Damien. He is the Boy Wonder, he is iconic, the best sidekick in comic books. WM is just ok, I want him to get more developed like Grayson or Todd in the end.
Winner: Batman
Score Batman 3-Iron Man 1
This means that Batman has won the contest, and to be fair, it was actually a lot less closer than you would think. The Bat almost beats Iron Man on almost everything, he is just so much better but in the end, both of them are phenomenal characters as a whole.
The Winner (without a doubt): Batman


I disagree with this so much... There's so much your not saying about the things Iron Man can do that would actually make him better then batman. - visitor

That for me, does not make him that much better for a character - iliekpiez

OK its your opinion. I just think iron man is way better personally. - visitor

Iron Man is better, Batman sucks. End of story. - visitor