Top 10 Questions to Ask the Undertale Fandom


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1 What in the hell is wrong with you?

Thanks for making this list, despite the fact you are a fan of Undertale. - DCfnaf

2 Should Toby make a sequel?
3 Why has God abandoned us?
4 What is your favorite shipping?
5 Alphys or Undyne?
6 Between Motherly F-ery and Vengeful Torment, which fanfic is more hilariously awful and disgusting than the other?
7 Between Asriel, Temmie and Alphys, which character is cutest?
8 What is your favorite Mettaton form?
9 Sans or Papyrus?
10 What's your personal funniest moment from the game?

The Contenders

11 Why did Alphamalg and brain fetishism have to become a thing?
12 Between Alphys and Toriel, which character has sexier feet?
13 Favorite Filthy Frank meme?

Mine is...

14 Is Alphys' fanbase starting to have the Luigi effect on her?
15 How much hope in humanity do you still have left?
16 Favorite memes?
17 Favorite boss fight?
18 Favorite song in the soundtrack besides Megalovania?
19 Best character(s) in the game?
20 Best thing about Mettaton?
21 Favorite scripted sequence besides the final battle with Asriel?
22 Favorite Amalgamate?
23 Favorite alternate universe?
24 Favorite AU version of Sans?
25 Favorite facial expressions besides Burgerpants' and Temmie's?
26 Why do you think Sans is Ness?
27 Would you smooch a goat?
28 Favorite boss fight?
29 Worst thing to ever come out of the game's fandom?
30 Least favorite character of the main and supporting casts?
31 Favorite area?
32 Best plot twist?
33 Hottest Hotland character?
34 Favorite quote from the game?
35 Sexiest character(s)?
36 Favorite dog from the game?
37 Papyrus or Undyne?
38 Most overrated shipping?
39 Best boss theme besides Megalovania?
40 Most overrated character besides Sans?
41 Pacifist or Genocide?
42 Favorite brain-fetish scene from the infamous Xanfic library?
43 Hottest male character?
44 Best butt in the game?
45 Hottest female character?
46 Worst fan theory?
47 Worst memes from the game?
48 Favorite enemy?
49 Best Sans memes?
50 Worst shipping besides Alphamalg and Sanscest?
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