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1 Favorite 7D character?

Mine is Grim Gloom. But I also like Hildy, Bashful, Sneezy and Grumpy. - AinezoChan

2 Least favorite The 7D character?

The Giant and the Duck from Bing Bong Beans Episode, Snazzy Shazam and Goldilocks. - AinezoChan

3 Favorite 7D song?

Grim's Lullaby - AinezoChan

4 Favorite 7D episode?

Grim The Genius, Doing The 7D Dance, The Enchanted Shoes, Gnome Alone, Finders Keepers etc. - AinezoChan

5 Least favorite 7D episode?

Mine are Bing Bong Beans, Goldilocks and The 7D, The Very Important Thingy etc. - AinezoChan

6 Favorite 7D Shipping?

Grim x Hildy all the way! - AinezoChan

7 Least favorite 7D song?

I don't have one. - AinezoChan

8 Do you think The 7D should be renewed for a third season?

Me: Flip yeah! - AinezoChan

9 Favorite moment from The 7D?

A lot of them, but mainly I love the moment when Grim and Hildy nose kiss. - AinezoChan

10 Characters you would be friends with?

GRIM, Hildy, Bashful, Sneezy, Grumpy. - AinezoChan

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