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1 What is your favorite pairing?

I despise non-canon ones unless they have VERY GOOD reasons :V. - CorvetteroZR1

I have many, but FlutterDash is my favorite. - Pegasister12

Shinig armor and princess cadence - BoyGenius234

Fluttershy X Dashie (non-lesbian relationship! ) - Neonco31

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2 What is your favorite character?

Fluttershy, Spitfire, Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Coco, Discord, Thorax, Starlight, many others - Neonco31

It's a tie between Fluttershy and Princess Cadence. - Pegasister12

Pinkie Pie of course! - ArielleBelle

Always twilight! - Sugarcubecorner

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3 What is your favorite episode?

My fave episode is Slice of Life. - Pegasister12

Twilight's Kingdom. And any Discord episode. - RiverClanRocks

Fall Weather Friends is funny! - ArielleBelle

Crusaders of the lost mark - BoyGenius234

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4 Should Lyra and BonBon be lovers or just be best friends?

Best friends. Party because I ship Bon Bon and Caramel. - BrideiMacBella

They could be either - bobbythebrony

They're not lovers, they're just strangers. - lovefrombadlands

Best friends - BoyGenius234

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5 Do you have an OC?

Yeah his name is Night Stalker - bobbythebrony

Cotton Candy Pie, and she is currently my profile pic. - ArielleBelle

Yes, her name is Diamond Charmer and she is a unicorn. - Pegasister12

no - BoyGenius234

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6 Can you draw MLP fanart?

Yes. It's pretty easy except for drawing pegasus wings. I have trouble with them. - Pegasister12

I've drawn filly Spitfire once - Neonco31

Never tried - bobbythebrony

Yes! It's my pic. - ArielleBelle

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7 How much MLP merchandise do you have?

A rainbow dash pillow. I hate her, but I love her design

I have no clue, I have so much. - RiverClanRocks

2 plushies, 5 collectibles (but 2 are still missing! ), and an mlp villain mouse pad - Neonco31

none - BoyGenius234

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8 Do you listen to music made by bronies?

Yeah my favorite twelve are on my tablet - bobbythebrony

Giddy Up and Dream of You - Neonco31

WoodenToaster. No more needs to be said. - gizzmokids

few - BoyGenius234

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9 What is your favorite MLP fanfiction?

Princess Trixie Sparkle - bobbythebrony

Even though it made me cry, I like My Little Dashie. - Pegasister12

Probably Floppy's Story. It's really well-done. - gizzmokids

crossovers - BoyGenius234

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10 Who is your favorite user that likes MLP?

Too Many Good Users - JPK

Hmm. I'm not sure.. - RiverClanRocks

TwilightKitsune and of course me - ArielleBelle

TwilightKitsune, MLP fan, neonco31 and others! - Sugarcubecorner

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