Top 10 Questions to Ask Users of TheTopTens About 2017


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1 Which of your own lists of 2017 are you most proud of?

Trick Question - codydoestuff

Best Things About 2017 Music - lovefrombadlands

Top Ten Ways To Get Over A Close Friend / Relative's Passing

2 What was the worst movie of 2017?

The boss baby - Jay12

In a nutshell The Emoji Movie. - egnomac

The Emoji Movie - lovefrombadlands

Shades - 445956

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3 Which of your lists of 2017 are you least proud of?

Reasons Why 2017 is Worse than 2016. I want the admin to delete it. Maybe Therandom would actually let us DELETE lists. - 445956

All of them - codydoestuff

Top Ten Words That Can Be Made Out Of Stat Padding

4 Which returning top ten user was the most surprising?

BoredJeff02 but now he's gone again

5 Which movies of 2017 were your favorite?

Thor Ragnork, It 2017, Spider-Man Homecoming and Captain Underpants and Wonder Woman - Jay12

Emoji Movie

6 Which celebrity's death was the saddest?

Chris Cornell - 445956

Chester - lovefrombadlands

Malcolm Young

7 Which cartoon of 2017 was the best?

Voltron Legendary Defender. - Jay12

Emoji Movie counts

8 Which top ten user's retirement was the most surprising?
9 What was the best top ten list of 2017?

Best Songs of 2017 - lovefrombadlands

10 What was the best WWE pay per view match of 2017?

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11 What new TopTenners surprised you?
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