Top 10 Questions to Ask Users of TheTopTens About My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Inspired by my friend, TwilightKitsune's 'Top 10 Questions' lists, I decided to make one too! This list is dedicated to her.

The Top Ten

1 Who is your favorite pony?

To be honest Rainbow Dash (Not to mention the meanie stuff) - Neonco31

Twilight Sparkle - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash - JPK

2 Which Element of Harmony are you? V 2 Comments
3 If you were a pony, what would your cutie mark look like?

Red Electric Bolt - Neonco31

A katana - TwilightKitsune

Lasers! - JPK

4 If you were a pony, what would your name be?

Katana swifter - TwilightKitsune

Neon Core - Neonco31

Laser Beam - JPK

5 Where would you want to live in Equestia?

Sweet Apple Acres! - eventer51314

Probably in Manehattan - Neonco31

6 Which pony do you think you would get along with best?

Fluttershy or Rarity - Neonco31

Fluttershy, because she's so nice to everypony! - eventer51314

Rarity - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash - JPK

7 Unicorn, Earth Pony, or Pegasus?

Me too, guys. Unicorns rock! - eventer51314

I'm going for Unicorns - Neonco31

A Pegasus!

Pegasus - JPK

V 1 Comment
8 What is your favorite song from the series? V 1 Comment
9 What is your favorite episode? V 1 Comment
10 Who is your favorite villain?

Starlight Glimmer and Discord - Neonco31

Luna - TwilightKitsune

Discord - JPK

Discord, lol. - eventer51314

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