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1 When did you start watching the Pokemon Anime and which season was your first?

About two years ago when I first got into Pokemon. I started with Advanced Generation. It was cool because I really emphasized with May, as I didn't really like Pokemon at first and didn't know squat about any of it. Obviously it grew on me, lol.

I start watching pokemon when I was like 5. I started with Master Quest - Jeydi

First:Sadly 5,but I watched 1,2,and 3 afterwards - Nateawesomeness

I guess younger than 7 because I last recalled I moved to a new house when I was like in Kinder and I was around 5 that time when I was watching on an older T.V. model, sorry I forgot much about my childhood shows. ;( - Neonco31

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2 Who's your favorite female companion of Ash's?

Dawn! Why? See the list I made about it.

May. Or Misty. Or Dawn. Or GOD I can't CHOOSE - Brobusky

Can't choose between dawn or may. Both girls had great characters. May had the best development & dawn had an interesting backstory with her friends.

May, Iris and Dawn

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3 What's your all time favorite season/story arc of the Pokemon anime?

My favorite series is DP. Just everything about it. The writing was great. The overall layout too. Dawn was tons of fun and a great friend to Ash. Paul and Ash's rivalry was awesome. So was Zoey and Dawn's...

Mine was Johto - Nateawesomeness

Advanced, BW, Johto, and the original of course - Neonco31

Season 5 master quest was awesome with lots of long stories and returning characters and returning pokémon. League was also very awesome - ChargedBow

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4 Who's your least favorite female companion of Ash's?

Serena. She's a boring character, has a ripoff, sexist goal, is totally dependent on everyone, a huge Mary Sue, & her redesign (when she cut her hair) makes her look awful.

Serena annoyed me the most - Jeydi

Starts with an S... - Brobusky


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5 Who's your favorite male companion of Ash's?

Brock. He had to deal with his parents ditching them & making Brock the one to take care of all his brothers & sisters. He did it just fine though & when he traveled with ash & Misty u can see how he did it. He's also very knowledgeable about Pokemon & takes good care of them too. He also nos the sweetest things to say to a girl. If he didn't try to get with all the pretty females & committed to getting just one, I bet he could get her no problem (without max, misty, & crogank around). He also had some funny lines too. "I'll turn my trusty frying pan, into a drying pan! "

Brock. He is a good breeder. - Jeydi

Brock - Nateawesomeness

Brock - Neonco31

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6 Who's your least favorite male companion of Ash's?

Cilan. Worst pokegoal ever. Very obnoxious & in the beginning an annoying know-it-all. I kinda don't think burgundy was exaggerating at all when he was talking about her match with Cilan due to that (I do hate her too though more than Cilan I think).

Brock, Cilan and Tracy

Cilan - Nateawesomeness

Tracy. - egnomac

7 What was the the most emotional a Pokemon being released by their trainer moment for you personally?

Ambipom. Because both Ash and Dawn had worked with her a lot. A double goodbye, double the sad. And she got good development what with the writers being creative with her and letting her do so much.

Pidgeot - Nateawesomeness

Butterfree. It was ash's first caught Pokemon. Pikachu's face when it was waving goodbye to him :( arbok & weezing too was really sad.

Primape-I kinda don't remember it really.

Pidgot-...he was supposed TO COME BACK FOR IT!

Charizard- he doesn't really seemed to be perma released as charizard comes back whenever. Though it was only a bit sad.

Dustox- ripoff of butterfrees release boo.

Cacnia- a little sad.

Amnipom- could've been sadder if it made more sense. It wanted to come with ash, then wanted to do contest, but it's main objective was to be forced away to some random guy for some Pokemon ping pong? W T F?

8 What's your favorite Pokemon that Ash raised/caught?

Gliscor! I love his personality and the development he got.

Charmander-Charizard - Nateawesomeness


Charizard - Nateawesomeness

9 What are moments in the Pokemon anime that make you annoyed/angry?

Team rocket always getting blasted off by Pikachu. It is one of the main reasons why I hate pokemon anime.

Any time serena is on screen for more than 5 seconds - Brobusky

When misy left it was the worst thing to happen in Pokemon in my opinion, I've already signed a petition to bring her back. - egnomac

1. Every time Team Rocket fails. Just let them win for once! Can't Team Rocket blast off to success?!
2. The fact that Ash is ageless. With every season he never grows. In fact recently he seems to look younger!
3. The moments where Ash is always parting ways with his companions. I miss the good old trio days of Ash, Brock and Misty.
4. Serena.
5. The pokemon story seems to just be lather, rinse, repeat. Kinda getting stale. Mix it up! The power of friendship shouldn't be able to defeat pokemon or trainers that are clearly stronger and have a type advantage over you. - NerdBunny

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10 What are the things you like about the Pokemon anime?

I really loved the characteristics, personalities, and appearances of the Pokemon. I even dreamed about them being trained to ACT like humans. I would dream of my Pokemon working at the office. Lol - Neonco31

The focus on friendship. Both between trainers and between trainers and their Pokemon. All their personalities. The battles. And of course, the Pokemon! Lol

The touching scenes with pokemon - Nateawesomeness

The battling and the Pokemon.

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11 What's your least favorite gym battle that Ash had?

Skyla - Nateawesomeness

Most of the BW gym battles, the hoenn one, with the STUPID ELECTRIC ARMOUR THAT doesn't EVEN EXIST! The kanto gym battles were pretty bad.

Vs. Skyla because she was such a bimbo! She really annoyed me. Didn't help that she was dressed like a slut.

Actually no,Erika,WHY ERIKA,WHY ARE U SO SENSITIVE - Nateawesomeness

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12 So what's your favorite opening theme for Pokemon?

Rival Destinies - Neonco31

Original theme from the first season (English). The remake in XY is crap & didn't look & sound like they wanted to try anymore. They ruined the original! >(

Rival Destinies! For japanese? Getta BanBan

13 Were there any specific league losses of Ash's that made you the most angry?

A draw between Tobias and Cameron

Ritchie because I think Ritchie's pikachu's should've thundered & ko charizard for underestimating its power so ash's lost wouldn't felt so stupid.

Ash vs Tobias. It's so unfair because Tobias has legendary pokemon. - Jeydi

Ash vs Tobias. - egnomac

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14 What are things you dislike about the Pokemon anime?

Repetitiveness, ash's boring character, they got rid of contest, & ash & TRio won't be replaced.

Ash and Pikachu being overpowered and Ash not evolving all his Pokemon. - NikBrusk

When ash releases his pokemon like what happened to bitterness and Pigeot. - Jeydi

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15 What's your opinion on Serena?

Used to like her but now I just don't care anymore. - Neonco31

Boring Mary sue

Do I need to explain?

A pathetic, self-centered, manipulative, useless doormat. Fangirl, brat, and bitch.

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16 What type of Pokemon anime fans that peeve you the most?

Amourshippers & pokeshippers they need to calm down

Armorshippers and Pokeshippers really need to calm down.

Amourshippers and Pokeshippers. And nostalgiatards who don't give any series other than the original a chance.

17 What were your favorite nostalgic moments in the Pokemon anime?

Oh boy...anything with Gary Oak.

When ash was stuck in the cave in a blizzard and their wall broke, ash returned all his Pokemon & tried to return pikachu to keep him warm. Pikachu refused & all his Pokemon came out and tried to keep him warm & he said something along the lines of "ok u win. We'll all freeze together." With a tears coming down his face. Just a powerful & memorial & cool moment that I can vividly remember even though I only watched it like 3 times and when I was like 10 yrs younger

Snow way out - Jeydi

18 Who is worse in your eyes: Alain or Tobias?

Alain as his win made less sense than Tobias. Tobias as he has no character build up. They are tied for me really.

They are both just as worse at eachother


19 What do you see in Ash's female companions in order to like their character?

What do we have. Uh tomboyish girly coordinator I think that's it. - Jeydi

If their personality is unique and their backstory is interesting & if what they do is entertaining

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20 What is your favorite Pokemon Movie?

Anything that's not the one with shaymin in it - Brobusky

I really like all of them

The first one - Nateawesomeness

Pokemon the 1st movie Mewtwo stikes back. I cried when ash turns into stone. - Jeydi

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