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21 What is your favorite Pokemon League?

Sinnoh's one. Had amazing battles & the Paul/ash conclusion. Plus even though Tobias is OP it was amazing that ash was the only one that not only took out his darkrai but tied with his second Pokemon. Really, he got 2nd twice (XY & DP) in my opinion because even though he's 4th I bet ash could've easily beat the other people (because no one else took out his darkrai besides ash).

I liked the Silver Conference. Not just the awesome battles, but also how Ash and Gary's friendship was rekindled. The Sinnoh League was awesome too though. Paul vs Barry, Ash vs Conway, Paul vs Ash, and Ash vs Tobias. They were all awesome battles!

22 Who is your favorite rival character?

Zoey and Miette. Others sucked.

Gary - Nateawesomeness

Gary oak. The way he ticked ash off was funny. Plus he had cheerleaders, a car, & TEN badges (ash had traveled through 6 regions now, & never got more than 8 per region). He also got great development we got to see the results of on screen.

Zoey was a pretty cool rival for the traveling companions. Friendly, had an interesting personality, & also creative & hard to beat.

23 What is your favorite Team Rocket moment?

What Ruee said - Nateawesomeness

Serious moment? The ending of the episode Holy Matrimony and the DP episode where they broke up temporarily. Comedic moment? Oh, man. There are so man…but I loved when they made up a cheer/motto to support Ash in his first Pokemon league.

24 Who's your least favorite rival character?

Kenny. Little punk. He was such a crappy friend to Dawn. It always angered me that she even gave him the time of day. And then he had the gall to tell her that she would travel with him if he beat Ash in a battle. Just ask her up front if you want to travel with her so bad! Don't turn it into a tournament to see who 'gets the girl'. Lol

Serena. Such wasted time & was so boring to watch her do anything

Kenny - Nateawesomeness

25 What's your favorite gym battle that Ash had?

Vs. Winona. It was the first gym battle that I really enjoyed and got excited about.

Roark. Such inteste battles ash had with him & ash learned something important there as well as starting to incorporate dawns strategies from her contest moves

Quan - Nateawesomeness

26 Which side/spin off Pokemon Anime series you like the most?

As of to this day? Pokemon Origins. I don't want to be that person who sounds like her opinion is a bit too nostalgic based, but Origins is exactly what I wanted a story with Red as the main character to be. I like the characterization of Red in Origins. I'm glad they didn't make him that typical stoic bad ass personality that the fandom portrayed him as - Ruee

Pokemon Generations beat Pokemon Origins now that I've seen it. - marshadow

27 What's your first impression on the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime?

I think the new animation looks gorgeous! I'm excited to see characters that are more dynamic in their expressions-that show more emotion. Lillie sounds like she'll be an interesting character, with a possibly complex backstory. Mallow looks and sounds like she'll be a lot of fun. Hooray for good female companions again! The rival characters look promising too. I also think changing it up and having Ash attend school for awhile is a refreshing and interesting twist to the same, tired and old formula. I can't wait for it to start!

I like mallow she looks like an interesting character. I don't like ash's redesign that much, but I'm still willing to give it a shot regardless. A school theme series for Pokemon... ewww. If it mostly sticks to comedy & doesn't seem too odd in Pokemon I'm willing to give it a shoot


It sucks. - egnomac

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