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1 What's your favorite rock band?

Blink-182, they bring comedy and relatable situations all in their songs. The band members are great and fun people, and Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus are funny, they should be comedians. Their performances are entertaining and not boring. The band is really talented and can actually play and sing live. They make the best songs and have variety in their music, skate punk, emo punk, pop punk, punk rock. - AnimeDrawer

Currently, my favorite band is Dream Theater. Never thought prog and metal could mix together so well. - naFrovivuS

95% of the time I'm listening to solo artists but beach boys, or if that's not rock enough, the who. - RecklessGreed

Three Days Grace, hence my name. - 3DG20

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2 Who's your favorite guitarist?

Wes Borland, Brad Delson and Ben Moody. They are awesome guitarists. - 05yusuf09

Dave Mustaine. He is just the greatest.

Jerry Cantrell. Not just because I like Alice In Chains most. - Lucretia

Adam Gontier. - 3DG20

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3 Who's your favorite rock singer?

Freddie Mercury, Amy Lee, Mark Hoppus, Billie Joe Armstrong, and my all time favorite is Tom DeLonge. - AnimeDrawer

Hard favorites are David Coverdale, Steve Perry, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, and Freddie Mercury. - Element119

Tough one... It's either Geddy Lee, Robert Plant, or Mercury - ryanrimmel

Adam Gontier. - 3DG20

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4 What do you think is the most overrated Rock band ever?

In my opinion, the most overrated band in my opinion is Linkin Park. They are good, but they aren't really that great. The lead singer is a good singer, but their songs aren't really that good, the only song I like from them is In The End. - AnimeDrawer

Slayer. I tried my best to enjoy them, I listened to their songs multiple times, I tried my best to like them, but I couldn't. They are repetitive. - Kiyomi

Depends. I can name ten, but Green Day, Nirvana, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Also Queen and Led Zeppelin - Lucretia

This one is kind of hard, but a few that I think are overrated (I repeat: Overrated, not bad! ) are Nirvana, Linkin Park, Disturbed, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC etc. - 3DG20

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5 Who's your favorite drummer?

Travis Barker, he is seriously talented, and plays fast too. How can he learn all the Blink 182 songs in a very low amount of time? - AnimeDrawer

I don't focus on drummers. If I had to vote, I would choose Scott Travis. Just listen to Painkiller by Judas Priest. - Kiyomi

If you're talking rock-wise, then probably Mike Portnoy or Gavin Harrison. - naFrovivuS

Neil Sanderson. - 3DG20

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6 Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant?

Freddie Mercury, his voice is amazing, his vocal range is just great. Bohemian Rhapsody proves it all. And I actually like some of Queen's songs, they are good and musical. - AnimeDrawer

Freddie by far, he has a stronger voice compared to Plant.

Oh boy, I know I'm gonna sound awful, but I personally prefer Plant. I feel his voice had more power. - naFrovivuS

Freddie Mercury. - 3DG20

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7 What do you think is the most overrated rock song ever?

Either Stairway to Heaven or Don't Stop Believing. I'm not much of a Led Zeppelin fan in general, but I've never been impressed enough with Stairway to Heaven to understand why it always gets considered one of the best rock songs. And while I love early Journey before and the first couple albums with Steve Perry, after that, they weren't nearly as good. Don't Stop Believing is nowhere near the best Journey song, let alone one of the best rock songs. - Element119

Any Led Zeppelin song because these are rip off songs - Whole Lotta Love, Stairway to Heaven, Dazed And Confused, The Lemon Song, How Many More Times, to name a few (see my comment and examples in "What do you think is the most overrated Rock band ever? ". - Metal_Treasure

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen it's a good song but when it comes to rock it's very overrated.

€�Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. - 3DG20

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8 The Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Well, I'm not much of a fan of either. But I've discovered that The Rolling Stones are pretty decent, while I really don't care that much for The Beatles. - Element119

The Beatles, they are much more influential. - AnimeDrawer

The Rolling Stones.

The Beatles. - 3DG20

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9 Baba O'Riley or Stairway to Heaven?

Baba O'Riley. I was in love with Stairway to Heaven but now I know it's a rip off song, so Baba O'Riley. - Metal_Treasure

Stairway to heaven, as it is an amazing song that switches genres. - 445956

This is tough. I'll take Stairway to Heaven because of the solo - ryanrimmel

Baba O'Riley. - Lucretia

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10 What do you think is the worst rock band ever?

Probably some of the mediocre recent rock bands, like Twenty One Pilots. Also, I see One Direction and bands like that getting considered rock, so if that counts, then One Direction. - Element119

Good Charlotte, they suck, are they even rock? I heard one of their songs, and the lead singer can't sing and has a bland voice. The guitar playing is generic and not unique. - AnimeDrawer

Depends. On whether this refers to rock, metal, etc. Hinder and Poison are terrible. - Lucretia

Limp Bizkit. - 3DG20

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11 What's your favorite rock album?

Beyond The Red Mirror by Blind Guardian (2015). It's actually symphonic metal but I guess it counts because metal is a rock subgenre. - Metal_Treasure

I am not sure, I think Dude Ranch since that has a more rock sound than Enema Of The State. - AnimeDrawer

My favorite album is blood on the tracks, but since we're talking rock, who's next - RecklessGreed

€One-X” by Three Days Grace. - 3DG20

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12 Hard Rock or Heavy Metal?

Heavy metal obviously, and this genre has better bands and singers. And heavy metal songs are better too, Hardwired, Enter Sandman, Chop Suey. - AnimeDrawer

The answer is in my user name but I love hard rock, too. These are my favorite subgenres of rock music. - Metal_Treasure

If heavy metal is intended as the entire genre, then heavy metal. If just the subgenre, hard rock. - Element119

Hard rock. - 3DG20

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13 Axl Rose or Kurt Cobain?

Kurt Cobain. Maybe Axl's vocal range is great but still his voice is annoying. But especially I hate his personality. - 05yusuf09

Kurt Cobain he just has more variety and at least he could sing before he died Axl on the other hand is different.

Kurt Cobain, only cause Rose didn't show up with his band at the rock and roll Hall of fame when they were enshrined. - htoutlaws2012

Hurt Cobain - Lucretia

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14 Nirvana or Linkin Park?

Nirvana may be the most influential, but Linkin Park is the better band.

Nirvana, Linkin Park can be kinda bland, but they are still a good band. Nirvana is more influential as well and has better music. - AnimeDrawer

Nirvana I can stand their music Linkin Park I cannot stand.

Linkin Park. - 3DG20

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15 What's your favorite rock documentary?

Metal Evolution for me too. Although I also really like the making of a Matter of Life and Death by Iron Maiden. - IronSabbathPriest

Pink Floyd - Behind the Wall - htoutlaws2012

I have never heard of one - Lucretia

I don't know any - wolf2003

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16 Led Zeppelin or the Beatles

I prefer The Beatles, I like other rock bands more now though. - Lucretia

The Beatles, they had more originality in their music. - AnimeDrawer

Led Zeppelin for me - Toucan

The Beatles. - 3DG20

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17 What's your favorite rock concept album?

The Dark Side of the Moon - ryanrimmel

Songs for the Deaf by Queens of the Stone Age - JCHOW

News of the world - wolf2003

The Wall - SoldierOfFortune

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18 Blink-182 or Sum 41?

Blink-182 easily owns Sum 41. - AnimeDrawer

Um 182 its easy - wolf2003

Blink 182 but neither are that good

19 Alternative or Progressive?

What Grunge counts as. - Lucretia

Alternative is life - lovefrombadlands

Alternative. - 3DG20

alt - wolf2003

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20 Fall Out Boy Or Linkin Park?

I used to be a fan of Fall Out Boy, then I became a fan of Linkin Park. I like both bands, but Linkin Park is better. - Kiyomi

Linkin Park I could careless about Fall Out Boy.

Linkin Park! They kick ass!

Linkin Park. - 3DG20

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21 Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson. His voice is extremely weird and unsuitable for Rock, I admit, but Marilyn Manson's voice is good in it's own way, and it's pretty gripping. Ozzy Osbourne's voice is awful and generic, there's nothing special about his voice. - Kiyomi

Marilyn Manson, I heard his voice in The Beautiful People. Sure, it is not be beautiful at all or gentle, but it sounds really cool and in a creepy awesome way for a rock song. - AnimeDrawer

Why is this a question? Marilyn Manson has one of the worst voices I've ever heard - ryanrimmel

Easy, Ozzy - SoldierOfFortune

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22 Ministry or Nine Inch Nails?

Nine Inch Nails I guess - Lucretia

nine - wolf2003

Nine Inch Nails

23 What do you think of rock songs?

I honestly think they have more of a musical impact then Pop, Rap, Electronic, Disco and Jazz because they can take back to one of your worst or best memories. And it can relieve anger which is partially why I listen to it no matter what kind of Rock song you listen to it'll either impact something from your life or it won't either way Rock songs are my favorite kind of songs to listen to.

They are better than rap and that mainstream garbage. Ever since I started listening to rock, I finally could escape that horrible mainstream music and listen to good songs in peace. - AnimeDrawer

If they are by Alice In Chains I love them. - Lucretia

They are bad except queen - wolf2003

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24 Nirvana or Pixies?


25 Who's your favorite bassist?

Mark Hoppus, he is self taught and really good at it. Just listen to Adam's Song and that really proves how great he is at playing the bass. - AnimeDrawer

John Myung, Geddy Lee, and Les Claypool. - naFrovivuS

The one from Alice In Chains - Lucretia

Brad Walst. - 3DG20

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26 Do you think some lead singers use Autotune?

Probably. It wouldn't be a shocker if some did. - naFrovivuS

Mike Shadows experimented with Autotune on 'Lost'. It didn't sound very bad or anything, just pretty weird. - Kiyomi

Yes. - 3DG20

sometimes - wolf2003

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27 Grunge or Punk?

Grunge. - Lucretia

grunge - wolf2003

Depends on the band

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