Q&A 8# - TurkeyAsylum

Guess what, I've seen a turkey with a T - Shirt and what he did was knock on my door and ask me another sets of questions

1. If one celebrity died today, and it was your choice who died, who would you pick? - Okay,alot of people would say unimportant people but I shall take it up a notch and say Zayn Malik. I want to make sure they don't have a reunion when they're older that MySpace. I ain't going to hear generic love songs from them again and I shall relax a bit.

2. If you had to choose between living in Alaska, but still having access to to Internet, or living wherever you want, but having no Internet access EVER, which would you choose? - Alaska, I don't care what I've said about winter being annoying, if I can't get Internet ever again then that would suck the most. Internet is like my only way of being cool whereas in real life, I'm just a specky ginger f***

3. Which is more annoying in society: selfies or the "twenny-wan" joke? Twenny wan! I'll never see the whole point of why every hates selfies like there's no point that selfie is a big isssue of society 'crumbling down.' All it is is a taking a picture of yourself. That's it, if that's annoying then I worry alot. With twenny wan however, it's not that funny. It wasn't funny when it was new and it isn't funny now.

4. Pick one: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? - I don't now whyyou're givingme this but 4. What prize do I get? Do I get a dragon that's ridin' by some puppy? I would like that very much please!

5. How would you rather die: poisonous Viagra or being poked in weird spots until you bleed to death? - I choose the former because if I'm going to die, I'm going to die with a bang! Bleeding out would be terrifying as all hell and I have worst experiences with bleeding.

6. What blog post are you most proud of? Least proud of? - Best one that gets a good high five are the Badly Done Analysis series because it's the one that definitely takes the most effort out of all the blog series I've made and I shall promise you all more of these. The worst one is andre56 In A Nutshell because of how stupid it got with people still commenting on it even after 5 months of unrelevancy and I didn't like that it became a backdrop for me as a running joke. It got really dumb when retarded members got into a feud with me for it in January.

7. What's your opinion on the rules Admin recently set? - Worried. This policy of this will get abused to hell and it will attract to people who can't stand getting criticized by other people when they too criticized others. It's pretty much the worst thing they have came up with and everyone will go and piss at me for saying it.

Ok, enough motorboating turkey breasts though. Also, in just three days, it will be my year anniversary on this site so please message me on it when it comes.


For 4, you were supposed to pick ONE! Get it? - Turkeyasylum

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