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181 How Do You Make a Profile Picture Without It Saying Unsupportable File?

I have no idea. I had two of them, but they weren't acceptable. - Powerfulgirl10

No idea - Himalayansalt

182 What is your Favorite Restaurant to Eat?

Anything meat or fake meat (except any fast food burger chain) - Himalayansalt

Probably KFC what else to get some chicken and savory gravy? - kontrahinsunu

I actually like Texas Roadhouse since I love steak - Flowersocks2137

McDonald's, Caddilac Jacks, Wendy's, etc. - Powerfulgirl10

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183 Is Mulan your favorite princess?

Yes, tied with Tiana and Pocahontas. But 7% of me makes me think she is my favorite princess. - kontrahinsunu

Yeah, I watched that movie so many times that It's pathetic... - Flowersocks2137

Yes! She doesn't need a man to save her, she can save China! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Yes, along with Belle. - NikoX

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184 Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber?

Both suck so I'm not choosing. - BoredJeff02

Both of them suck, but I'm choosing Timberlake. - Powerfulgirl10

JB of course (Joe Bonamassa). - Britgirl

I'll have to go with Timberlake. JB is meh.. - NikoX

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185 Do You Like Chillstep?
186 Favorite TV Show?

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - JPK

Adventure Time and Regular Show. - AlphaQ

13 Reasons Why and Breaking Bad. - NikoX

Weird al show - Himalayansalt

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187 Favorite Childhood Show?

There was this show called Rocket Power that was pretty cool - Mcgillacuddy

SpongeBob. I also liked Dora, but I despise her now. - Powerfulgirl10

Dora, Barney, Peppa Pig BUT I hate them all now - Neonco31

Victorious was my Favorite - NikoX

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188 What is Name of Your Favorite Artist?

Green Day obviously it's my profile picture. - BoredJeff02

You'll know mine if you have ever seen my list or page - zxm

Overall, David Bowie is the one I keep going back too. - BeatlesFan1964

Tom Araya - NikoX

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189 What Do You Love Most About TheTopTens?

Expressing my opinions by commenting. It's too bad an anon like me can't make lists no more.

I guess we can meet new people and talk to them. - NikoX

Remixing, messaging users, the community - PeeledBanana

The accepting community. - DCfnaf

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190 What is the Best Food You've Ever Had?

A while back I went to this place I forgot what it was called but I ordered the Italian Sub and it was pretty good. Then on my birthday (July 13) I went to this place called the Crappie Hole (yeah what a name) and I ordered the Grilled ham and cheese sandwich and it was so good. Not only was it good the first time it was really good a second time. - BadBoiDrummer

I tried Duck while me and my family were in Hawaii. Best thing I ever tasted. - 906389

Anything potato related (except sweet potatoes) - Himalayansalt

Sweet Potato pie. - NikoX

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191 Who Is Your Favorite Disney Character?

None. It's awful and everything in it is awful (yes there are exceptions). - AlphaQ

Hiro from Big Hero 6 - NikoX

Mickey Mouse - PeeledBanana

192 Do You Like Buttons?

Haha! I love the randomness of this question! They're okay I suppose. They serve a purpose. - Britgirl

Satisfying to push them - PeeledBanana

Eh, I prefer zips. - AlphaQ

They're cool - NikoX

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193 What is your favorite theme park ride?

Space Mountain - PeeledBanana

194 What is the Hardest Game You Ever Played?

I Played Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Contra, And Donkey Kong Country Returns - VideoGamefan5

FNaF Sister Location is surprisingly difficult...I don't think it's the hardest game ever though. - DCfnaf

Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II. I need to play those games though. - MeeMeeCandy777

FLAPPY BIRD - PeeledBanana

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195 Why is the most memorable class you have ever taken?
196 What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Ants. Small, tasteless, and you get weird glances when you admit you're eaten 'em - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Paper. I still nibble on it now and again to this day. - Entranced98

Paper.. - NikoX

Paper - PeeledBanana

197 What's the name of your best friend?
198 What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

4 whole nights. I don't need a lot of sleep but when I'm asleep, after a few minutes...I'm dozing. - AlphaQ

Two nights in a row, when there was a nasty heat wave. - Entranced98

1 night - NikoX

199 What is Your Harry Potter House?

Slytherin is my House. - NikoX

I'm in Ravenclaw. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I don't know? - VideoGamefan5

200 Who is Your Favorite Rapper?

Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Drake, 2Pac, Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. - AlphaQ

2Pac And Kendrick Lamar - VideoGamefan5

German rapper: Kollegah.
Even though SpongeBozz could dethrone him because his second album (an epic 2-disc record that's as bombastic and overproduced as can be) is simply a huge masterpiece. That album has been released a few days ago as I write this. The thing is: Kollegah has been around since 2005 and has released several albums since then, almost annually, SpongeBozz had his debut album in 2015 and has only released two albums so far, but both are simply orgasmic. His lyrical quality, flow, choruses, as well as Digital Drama's lush production. Wow.

American rapper: Eminem, if you only consider the rapping. Kanye West is a better musician though, because of his production in combination with the rapping. - Martin_Canine

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