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61 Do You Think Marilyn Manson Is a Good Role Model?

I don't really think so. He has very good quotes and (mostly) meaningful lyrics, but he often acts very weird, his appearance is pretty insane, and there's a lot of negative rumours about him, so no. - Kiyomi

No. He may encourage you to be different, and he may promote individuality, but overall, he isn't because of his sex habits.

I don't think he's a good role model at all. I've seen some of his concerts the dude is insane. - Mcgillacuddy

Of course not, he's a disgusting thing and is an insane psycho guy who has awful music and satanic bullshtt. - AlphaQ

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62 Why Did You Become a Member of TheTopTens?

Because... It's TheTopTens. Best site ever. Duh. - ShyChick

Because I wanted to add items to list and be more closer with other users. I also wanted to create my own lists just the way I want them to be. - AnimeDrawer

I thought the idea of making your own Top 10 list for people to vote on was a cool concept, so I joined and I'm having a good time on this site. - Mcgillacuddy

Being I wanted to make an account on a website and didn't want to use Instagra - Lucretia

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63 What Is Your Sexual Preference?

For all of you that haven't seen my "Top 10 Facts About naFrovivuS," I'm bisexual. I actually did have a boyfriend in high school. Shockingly enough, I was never teased or harassed for my sexuality. - naFrovivuS

To be honest probably bisexual, but to me it doesn't really matter. It's okay if people are against me too, as long as they aren't violent in their beliefs... - Flowersocks2137

Pardon? Oh, sorry, for a minute there I thought you asked what my sexual preference is. - Britgirl

Chicks with nig butt and Boobies. - AlphaQ

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64 Do You Like Rap Music?

It's okay but it gets annoying, so many kids in my school listen or do rap, gets on my nerves, my friends always listen to rap. - PeeledBanana

Yeah, with the exception of Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Nicki Minaj and other talentless rappers - Rorywilbren

It really depends on the song. Some is decent, but some is stupid. - Powerfulgirl10

Obviously, yall should know this by now. - AlphaQ

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65 South Park or Family Guy?

Family Guy. Its humor is much more my taste (so wonderfully immature and in-your-face). South Park is more clever... but I need a certain goofiness. - Martin_Canine

South Park. Family guy is excellent for kids. But I like both but South Park gets a slight edge and is offensive. So South Park it is. - AlphaQ

I choose the one where there's lots of blood and death. - naFrovivuS

South Park all the way - xandermartin98

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66 Which User Do You Want As a Sibling?

Technically my brother is a user. But I don't want him. Someone else can take him if they want I don't care - Lucretia

Nobody. It would be awkward. - Powerfulgirl10

Can't choose, I already have a user as a brother. - naFrovivuS

Probably Du and VGF5. - AlphaQ

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67 What Are Some of Your Favorite Albums?

Ride the Lightning by Metallica and Inhuman Rampage by DragonForce.

Metallica's Ride the Lightning is a clear number one. I'd also say Iron Maiden's the Number of the Beast and Dream Theater's Images and Words. - Songsta41

American Idiot, Dookie, Nevermind, The Black Parade, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, Ride The Lightning, The Dark Side of The Moon, From Under The Cork Tree, Bleach, etc. - Catacorn

Any Alice In Chains album - Lucretia

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68 Have You Ever Met Anyone Famous (Actors, Directors, Artists, Etc)?

There was this guy on YouTube that runs a channel called We Are The Random Bros. I did bump into him once, and he was really nice. I guess he's only famous family wise and school wise... - naFrovivuS

I met Chris Rock one time. I was in the car with my sister in front of a restaurant called Vibrato Grill or something like that, and she almost ran over someone's car in the parking lot. It was hilarious when we found out who's car it was. - Mcgillacuddy

The closest I've ever got to a famous person was a picture of Robert Irvine on a building in Las Vegas... I took my picture with him. - Flowersocks2137

James Charles (first male Covergirl), he lives in my neighborhood (I kid you not) and I met him once. He said "Hey sister! ", I... - Catacorn

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69 What Are Some of Your Favorite Lists?

Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes, Stupidest Reasons to Get in Trouble, Worst Nickelodeon Shows, Worst Movies of All Time, Worst Songs of All Time, and Most Annoying Things About Parents. - Powerfulgirl10

"Top Ten Best Cartoon Characters" and "Top Ten Things That Should Happen To Dora The Explorer". - AnimeDrawer

Just see my favorites list - Sassy13crown

Best Things About Lovefrombadlands by ME! Best Things About 2017 Music by Lovefrombadlands, Best Songs of 2017 by ProPanda - wolf2003

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70 Do You Plan on Doing Something Other than Making TopTens Lists in the Future?

Yeah, go to a college or a university. And get a job probably in programming maybe. - Arcxia

I want to be a Bones specialist, Victoria's secret Angel ( Model ), Writer, Dancer, Actress - Righteous

Make books, draw popular pictures, and become famous. - Powerfulgirl10

Yea I want to design stuff and make money. - AlphaQ

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71 How Do You Join to Become a Member?

You just click create account and get a code to type in via email once you type that code in you've got a TTT account.

By hacking your phone and stealing your girlfriend. - AlphaQ

First you need an e-mail. Next, you need a cool username. And now you're all set. - naFrovivuS

Tell your mom about the site and prepare to never use the internet agai - Lucretia

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72 What Is the Worst Song You've Ever Listened To?

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction and Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Oh, and by the way, they are garbage. They're not songs.

Glad You Came by The Wanted. That song was played on the radio so much back then that I developed a burning hatred for it. I don't hate it as much nowadays, but I don't really like it. - WindWakerFan

Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro. I don't dislike it because others dislike it too, but I dislike it because the song is just really bad. - Kiyomi

Drinkin Too Much by SH. I don't even wanna say that creephead's name. - AlphaQ

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73 What's Your Eyesight Like?

Every time I look at a classmate a weird pink circle appears and tiny hearts start falling from the sky. Maybe I have a problem... - naFrovivuS

Mine is bad. 10/20. That's why I wear glasses. With glasses it's good, but that doesn't count. Without them everything is super blurry for me. - cosmo

Pretty good. Can see where people are even with my eyes shut, like a rare extra sense or something. I can only do it with people, it might be body heat sensory related or something. - Lunala

It's perfect. - AlphaQ

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74 Ppap or the Duck Song

Duck song. Remember seeing it in 2nd/3rd grade and even made a parody (it was cringy) called "The Guest Song" based off the roblox guests and the first line to my parody was: "The guest girl walked to the lemonade stand and she said to me, Hey? Got any pizza? " - Lunala

Duck Song - naFrovivuS

PPAP - AlphaQ

75 Who Is the Worst Rapper In your Opinion?

Lil Wayne. Only track from him that I've actually bumped to was Believe Me featuring Drake. He pulled no punches on his lines, letting me know that he does have potential, but he just doesn't utilize it. - Mcgillacuddy

Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne. But I don't even think they are actually rappers.

Any from the new wave of rap. - naFrovivuS

Tyga, Tekashi69 and Kodak Black. - AlphaQ

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76 What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Being murdered with a knife, bugs are not scary to me. And death, I cannot imagine what it is like to see only pitch blackness. - AnimeDrawer

I'm not silly enough to share my biggest fear or my deepest, darkest secrets on the internet. - Britgirl

Getting struck by lightning, someone breaking in, crickets, having a successful future, etc. - DCfnaf

Birds pooping on me. I'M SERIOUS - AlphaQ

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77 Do You Listen to Teen Pop?

No, I'd rather listen to Teen Rock like Linkin Park to be honest.

Nope. I couldn't for the life of me imagine myself enjoying it. - Entranced98

No. It's like listening to Kidz Bop - Mcgillacuddy


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78 Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Yes, multiple times - I nearly drowned in my friend's pool at her birthday party, I almost fell into a river, I dropped a fan on my head when I was 4 (it was a small fan), I almost got electrocuted when I tried to unplug something from an outlet and my hand was wet (my dad saved me)...Yeah, I should seek help. - Catacorn

Being as old as I am, I guess the closest thing to near death is when I bumped into a classmate and she dropped her phone. - naFrovivuS

When I was young, I drove around in a plastic car it drowned in the water, I could've drowned to death but my father saved me from certain death.

Tons of times. - AlphaQ

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79 What was the last picture you took with your phone?

The grey-blue sky at pre-dusk with gentle orange, red, yellow and pink streaks stretched out as far as the eye could see. I captured some naked branches of treetops in there too. It was so beautiful. I'm no expert photographer but my photo has the vague resemblance to a Rembrandt painting. It was an impromptu photo while I was out walking. I don't think I could capture that beauty again if I tried. - Britgirl

Wait...phones have cameras? - naFrovivuS

My pet bird capping on my homework and me throwing it away and telling the teacher I lost it. - AlphaQ

It was a picture of me and my friends. - Catacorn

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80 If You Had One Wish, What Would You Wish For?

Infinite wishes, then make many wishes. World peace, end global warming, revive extinct animals, giant futuristic house, exotic pets, no school, a fridge full of my favorite food and drinks, private submarine that can dive to the deepest parts of the deep ocean, lots of money, to be a successful author, tickets to all my favorite bands' concerts, etc - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Infinite wishes, then I'd wish for world peace, end to malnutrition and obesity, a girlfriend, a million dollars, a private jet, a mansion in New England, and a Bugatti. - ethanmeinster

A lot of money so I could buy the stuff I've always wanted. I know money can't buy happiness but I'm already happy with my life so whatever. - Mcgillacuddy

Obviously infinite wishes cause there's so many thing I want. - AlphaQ

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