Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hating on a Music Artist

I came to the conclusion people are way too fast at judging music artists. I mean, I always try to find positive aspects, but sometimes it is just not pleasing to my ear, but I still try to stay fair and as friendly as possible.
So, if an artist's music sounds terrible to you, you should ask yourself why that is the case and these question may help you.

The Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hating on a Music Artist

1 Are they really musically bad or just generic?

Very good and substantial questions. Great list, Martin. - Metal_Treasure

2 Do they make a genre of music I don't like?
3 If it wasn't for the huge hype and the many fans, would I still be that negative towards them or would they not bother me?
4 Is it really the artist's music I don't like or their looks?

"Their looks"... Silly reason not to like an artist. Most of the artists I listen to and love are dead anyway. - Britgirl

5 Do I know many of their songs or just two to three hit singles?

I know a lot of Harry Styles songs and I don’t like them!

6 Did I hate them when I first heard them or only after their music was overplayed?

As soon as I heard him, I hated Harry Styles!

7 Is all about their music bad or only certain aspects?

All of it is!

8 Did I try to figure out what's so appealing about them?
9 Do I have the feeling the artist didn't put much effort into their music?
10 Could it be the artist is still young and inexperienced?

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11 Do I really hate it or is it simply not my cup of tea?
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