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1 Why is being gay a sin?

Because, God created man and woman. He didn't create gays and lesbians. Being gay and lesbians are contradictory to what God has made for us. He chooses us to be man and woman based on our gender and we should respect it because, he is God that gives us this body. We should show our gratitude to God by respecting His decisions. God's decision is absolute. There's no "buts".

Simple. It's not. - RoseWeasley

I'm a Hindu and I have this question too, because in my religion it is okay to be homosexual. I am. I just don't understand some things about why being gay is so bad. I'm not some crazy liberal either, so don't use that excuse. I'm republican. Let me ask you homophobes out there something...

What does being gay have to do with AIDS?!?! You guys are so ignorant! Anyone can get HIV, it doesn't matter if you had homosexual sex or heterosexual sex! It is a virus, it will hurt anyone, and it doesn't make exceptions for certain people just because they are straight! Please... just stop. I've had enough cringe for today.

God gave us love. and I don't think he meant to deprive anybody from love. so in my eyes it's not a sin - GleamingShadow

2 Will anyone who does not believe in god go to hell?

True atheists doesn't say or ask questions like that! They don't believe in god, heaven or hell. And if There is a hell I say : I rather rule in hell than to serve in heaven!

Say this person is nice, smart, kind, and has not done anything against the Ten Commandments but doesn't believe in Christianity. Would his person still go to hell? - AnonymousChick

Most Christians would say no, but that means their denning the bible. - ARandomPerson

I don't think so. It isn't the religion that can save.

Atheist don't believe in hell

3 Are atheists allowed to turn into Christians in the middle of their life?

Yes anybody can change beliefs at anytime but they have to honestly believe in it

I did this a few years ago. Its weird to think I didn't even know who Jesus was a mere three or four years ago. - keycha1n

Stupid question? Yes

Dave Mustaine did. - Brobusky

4 Are people allowed to say god's name in vain while acting in movies?

probably - GleamingShadow

So, you are saying that because they didn't mean it in real life ( because they're acting ) it isn't a sin. But what about the people who wrote the script ( they were thinking it )? Even if their supposed thoughts aren't true, it means they are lying. The opposite of telling something or thinking something true is telling or thinking a lie. And is lying not also a sin? This actually proves that the concept of sin is crap and that it has no value.

They didn't mean it in real life, so it isn't a sin.

7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.-Exodus 20:7 (KJV) - Israelbooker

5 Would people who have been Christians but switch to something else after a long time go to hell?

So what you are saying is that for instance a Christian who decides to not believe anymore and switch to buddhism he will go to hell. His new religion will teach him that he can reach nirvana but that doesn't matter because it's for sure that he or she will go to hell. It seems here that fiction is a strange thing.

That is a good question... As far as I know about the religion, they probably will.

God loves all.Also atheist would not ask this they do not believe in good or he'll


6 How do we know heaven and hell are real?

Who knows.
Further away from earth obviously.

We don't it's a leap of faith. - GleamingShadow

We only know when we pass away. The only evidence of heaven and hell comes from people that had near death experiences that reported seeing heaven, dead friends and relatives up there. - Pegasister12

If you don't know why believe in them? Like Socrates used to say : " What you don't know will not harm you " meaning, why bother?

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7 If all sinners go to hell, would we all go to hell?

Nobody is perfect and God has empathy. (the rainbow after the great flood is an example) - GleamingShadow

No, Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins. If you believe in Him, and you're doing the best you can, than you're good. - Garythesnail

If that's true, I hope so! It will be some kind of eternal party.

Hell only exists inside your own head. - IronSabbathPriest

8 What exact proof you have to convince me that God exists?

Just watch your surroundings. Can't you see that everything has a beginning? The question there is: who made who?. If everything in this world has a beginning, then, who made all of this that doesn't have a beginning? God is the answer. You've been searching for an answer that is already on your face. Just like your self. Who gave you the limbs that you have? Parents? Is your parents have 4 arms and 4 legs to give you the 2 arms and 2 legs, and the remaining to 2 arms and 2 legs is for them only? I don't think so. They don'y have extra limbs to give you those limbs. Science can explain how it grow but, they will never know where it came from. It just evolves. Just like the seed grows into a tree. Where the leaves, branches, and fruits came from? The seeds doesn't have that inside.

Thinking... still thinking... no answer. Oh, wait! Someone said " Read the bible and you will have proof ". No, I'm still not convinced...

9 Wouldn't being in heaven get boring after a while?

If Heaven exists, we don't even know where Heaven is, same for Hell. How BIG are these planets? How does God watch people from planet and earth. He must have over a billion books of lives, that the Angel Michael must get frustrated searching through 24/7. Anyway we don't know what Heaven is if it exists, the only after life that has a description is Hell, burning lake of fire, perish, torture with the devil and other demons.

It is an eternal party where you have everything you ever wanted and you are reunited with your family. so, no. - GleamingShadow

Sure it will. Can you imagine an eternal ( never ending ) life where everything is perfect, no challenges to make your " afterlife " interesting ( no love rejecting. you see someone and you know that you will get her / him even if someone else is interested in the same person [? ], no work, no money because you will be able to get everything you want, no T.V., no social media, no music of your favorite bands... etc... People who believe in this life for an afterlife are really not aware that the life they are living now here on earth is the best one. Also, what about those people you didn't like here on earth? You can not love everybody because this would be not sane. Will you be forced to love them suddenly? Hoping for a boring life? Really, who wants that?

10 Why didn't God provide some evidence for us to believe he exists so that his words wouldn't have been altered and corrupted through political editing and mistranslation?

This should be number one, because it's what we all want to know the most about God as Atheists.

How would you react if God just dropped out of the sky? - GleamingShadow

How about also why didn't someone put paintings into the Bible. If the Bible is the true book then why didn't anyone put paintings into them. Only famous artists in history did paintings of things in the Bible.

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11 If we're all God's children, then why is Jesus his only son?

Because, Jesus was born on heaven before He was born to earth. And he is the son of God, biologically. While, we are the descendants of Adam and Eve.

We are technically his children - GleamingShadow

12 Can I become a believer of god in my last minutes of life?

yes - GleamingShadow

I think if you don't believe in god it is not possible to suddenly in your last minutes of your life accept that he exist. If you do believe it's because you have fear of death and that's not believing in his existence. It's just an irrational thought that cross your mind because fear is playing tricks with your mind. Meaning that you mind gives you doubts. And doubt if he exist or not is not truly believing.

That would mean that you " think " that you're an atheist but in reality you have doubts. Why should a true atheist suddenly at his last minutes of his life have doubts and fear something that he don't believe and know that it doesn't exist?

You can. But only if you truly believe it. God doesn't accept people who say that they follow him, but they don't act like it. - RiverClanRocks

13 Why do you think abortion is murder, it's the woman's body?

The woman is in control of her body, its her body.

14 Why did God tell a man to sacrifice his son but then tell him not too.

Isaac represented JESUS CHRIST. ALthough Abraham didn't, it shows that God WILL sacrifice Jesus, and he did on the cross. The ram, by the way, also represents Jesus. - Doyaknowdawar

15 Why is abortion wrong but pregnant women and babies would've died in global flood?

Because, God gave us this life. He has the rights to decide whether it is your time to die or not. But, we have also freedom to protect ourselves by using our own minds to think on how we should survive in this world. Our life is only borrowed from God. So, if He decide to take it back, there is nothing you can do. But in this world, whether we like it or not, we all die - just defer in a matter of time. No matter what you do, death is inevitable.

Because abortion did not exist yet so nobody could say it was wrong - GleamingShadow

16 God gives free will but why does he give illnesses, diseases, disabilities or sore throat?

Maybe originally as a punishment and it just got out of control. - GleamingShadow


17 Why is a cross your main symbol even though it's a horrific torture device?

Also an Ancient Egyptian God had a similar cross.

18 If God wasn't born, then how did he exist in the first place?

You need no time to always exist but since time does exist somewhat that means God had to be created by something else.

He was always there. it is one of the things that our brains can't understand - GleamingShadow

19 If God exists, then why did he make me an atheist?

He gave you the ability to make decisions. - GleamingShadow

He didn't. You chose to be an atheist.

20 If God is all good, then why is there so much evilness the world

satan - GleamingShadow

If god is omniscient it means he knows the future and that means that the future will develop the way he knew. If the future shouldn't develop that way it means he didn't knew the future. If everything develops because he is omniscient it also means that everything happens necessary and if everything happens necessary it means that there is no free will. You can't change something that will happen necessary. And if there's no free will it means that people aren't responsable for their acts or sins. If god punish people because of their sins from which they are not responsable it would mean that god is immoral. The conclusion is : Or god is omniscient and also immoral and not good or he is not immoral but in that case he isn't omniscient. Logic says that god can't be omniscient and good if he gave free will to men. In more logical terms it means that there is no god and for that matter a god-given free will. That's why bad and immoral things are happening in this world. It's part of a ...more

You say that evil comes from humans ( I agree on that ) but when you say that it's because god's given free will that humans use the wrong way, you're saying as a matter of fact that god is evil. He created humans at his image ( meaning good ) and he gave men free will ( for what purpose if he knew that it could be used wrongly? ). It's like saying that he created humans that are capable of evil because he created them with free will. Where's the good in that? There's no logic in all that and that's why I'm an atheist.

God gives humans free will. Some people use that for good, to serve Him, while others use it for evil. Sometimes things take time to heal;it's all in God's timing. - Garythesnail

21 What happens to the people who pass away that have never heard of the Christian God?

Then it's not their fault. I actually believe that every religion worships the same God in different forms and names - GleamingShadow

They believe in a eternal heaven but what about all the people who lived in times before Christianity?

One of the many questions I had in mind before leaving Christianity. - SevenTreeTool

22 How did the Ark sail, how did Noah get two of every single animal on the whole planet?

magic - GleamingShadow

God didn't want it to sink
and as for the second part. it was a big arc.
and the animals may have evolved after the flood so there were less during the flood
or God made more animals when he gave the world a fresh start - GleamingShadow

23 How could a man survive in the stomach of a whale?

God - GleamingShadow

24 What about people who lived in the times before Christianity?

They still worshiped gods and they may all be the same god in different forms - GleamingShadow

25 Why didn't anyone else have a boat in the global flood?

they did - GleamingShadow

26 How could the first rainbow be after the flood?

If God made the universe, I think he can make a rainbow - GleamingShadow

27 Why is witchcraft satanic but God used magic to create everything?

NO HE DID NOT USE MAGIC - Doyaknowdawar

It is how the magic is used - GleamingShadow

28 How do you know if someone is demonic possessed?

If they start acting like a deamon - GleamingShadow

29 Why does no one know what the fruit Adam and Eve ate?

Because they were the only two people on the earth.
also I think it was an apple - GleamingShadow

30 Why do you still use the white Jesus?

Does it matter anymore? - Doyaknowdawar

Because he was white, that's not racist. that was his skin tone - GleamingShadow

31 If God didn't want us to masturbate, then why didn't he make our arms shorter?

what - GleamingShadow

32 If Satan is evil, then how come he punishes the evil?
33 Why does no one know what Jesus really looked like?

It doesn't matter what Jesus looks like... - Doyaknowdawar

We have paintings of him - GleamingShadow

34 Why don't most of you actually read the bible?
35 Why did God create man and woman with original sin, so that he can save us from the sin he originally condemned is to?

God: The original troll.

36 If everything that happens, happens according to God's plan, then wouldn't that be instant justification to do bad things?
37 If God absolutely has to punish people, then couldn't he just have them experience all the wrongs they've ever done to others instead of burning them for all eternity?
38 Why hasn't Jesus returned yet even though 2,000 years have already passed?

Seriously, read 2 Peter 3... - Doyaknowdawar

Because he died - GleamingShadow

39 How can a man walk on water?

Because he was gods son
also I think this was after he died so the laws of physics probably don't apply to him anymore - GleamingShadow

40 Why do you use your beliefs to justify your awful behavior?

Some do, some don't - GleamingShadow

41 Why would you wanna give your heart to some random guy you've never even met?

He created you - GleamingShadow

42 Why do you hate Jews even though Jesus was Jewish?

Not every christian is a Nazi - GleamingShadow

43 If God promised paradise on earth, then why are there still so many bad things going on in it?

It was paradise then Adam and Eve ate the fruit - GleamingShadow

44 If God is supposed to see the future, then why did he create humans if he knew we were not gonna be perfect in the first place?
45 Why would God force me to be happy with my enemies for an eternity in heaven?

Really think about it. Do you think I would be comfortable spending an eternity in heaven with the person who made my life a living nightmare? Doesn't that sound a little messed up to you people?

46 If God is love, then why does he do horrible things?

He didn't. Satan did. - Doyaknowdawar

47 If Jesus was the son of God, would that mean that Palestine is the best country on earth?

No. The JEWS rejected Jesus... - Doyaknowdawar

That's something I've always wondered. If Jesus was God's son then wouldn't Palestine be considered the greatest country in the world since it's where the son of God was born?

Just because Jesus was Palestinian doesn't mean that all Palestinians are as godly as he was.

48 Why did Christianity rip off other religions?

Did you mean "Catholicism"? - Doyaknowdawar

49 How can a timeless being make a decision when every decision requires at least two distinct temporal states?
50 How can a spaceless being be distinguishable from other identities without distance to separate them?
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